Get One on One Guidance & Support!

Here's how you can access some of the juicy bits from my brain and being to align with your true self, realize your fullest potential and manifest your soul desires.

8 Weeks to Change Your Life Using the Law of Attraction

Inside LOA Skills Camp, you learn to apply all the foundational skills to make the Law of Attraction work for you and shift your vibration into alignment. 


LOA Skill Camp

Work With Me

12 weeks of 1:1 Coaching for a Total Inner Transformation

Meet weekly with Ginny for a minimum of 12 weeks and be guided through 3 phases to completely shift your vibration, align with your true self and transform your everyday experience.


Walk the Path of Presence and Experience True Joy & Inner Peace

In this 9 month program, Coaches Katie & Ginny intimately guide you through the teachings of Eckart Tolles The Power of Now as you move beyond the mind, release your stored emotional pain and access the true joy of being.

*Coming Feb 2023