The Battle of the “How”

The Battle of the “How”

The Battle of the “How”

The first time Cassie Parks and I connected, somebody on the line said, “there shouldn’t be this much laughing.”

It was 2013, and we were both getting our Law of Attraction coaching certification. We were paired up for a practice coaching exercise, and Cassie and I immediately clicked. 

So much that the moderator wanted us to tone down all the chuckling!

After our training, Cassie approached me with an idea…

“How would you feel about doing a podcast together?”

I was a little baffled. 

ME: “What does that even mean?” 

CASSIE: “We could talk about the Law of Attraction.”

I was definitely intrigued by the idea. But…

Could I think of enough to say for 30 minutes straight?

What would people think of me?

Who was I to host a podcast??

I’d started my coaching two years prior, and was struggling to land new clients. 

I really wanted to grow my business, and all the experts were saying, “post to social media every day and do Facebook Lives.” 

But I had ZERO interest in doing so many posts or Facebook Lives. That just didn’t feel fun to me. 

But you know what did feel like fun? 

Doing a podcast with Cassie!

Though I was pretty nervous, I was excited about regularly getting together with Cassie and talking all about our favourite subject – LOA!

I also wanted to step into becoming the person who I wanted to BE – an example, a leader. 

It felt like a new adventure, and I was game. 

So we started recording, and what do you know? I started getting new clients… from the podcast. 

People would follow up with me to learn how to put the Law of Attraction into practice. 

My coaching career took off. 

These days, whenever I want to expand my business, and ask, “HOW can I grow?”, I go way off track. 

Because when we focus on the “how,” we’re telling the Universe that WE want to be in control.

And that’s not how it works! 

The “how” is all about the ego, the limited mind. 

I had to laugh out loud when I heard Abraham say this…

“Imagine if humans were in charge of keeping the sun and earth spinning in orbit? Can you imagine what that would look like and how much it would be over thought?”

So much of the goodness in our lives is naturally orchestrated for us. You need to allow, release, and let the magic unfold like a gift. 

You get to be the sun shining in its orbit, letting the universe take care of where you’re going.

Cassie and I still crack up together every week on our podcast, Manifest it Now.

CLICK HERE to listen to this week’s episode, and learn how not to “how it”, and how to be guided by inspiration instead! (That’s a lot of “how’s”!)