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Hi I'm Ginny Gane. And for over a decade I've been helping women leverage LOA to become the most powerful and authentic version of themselves, so they can align with their truest purpose and experience a life of wild love and freedom. Be Powerful. Be Free. Be You. GET STARTED!
Learn to Truly Leverage the Law of Attraction and Experience a
Life of Wild Love & Freedom.
Meet Ginny Gane

Live Your Truth Coaching

I live my life based on the principles of The Law of Attraction, and that’s what my teaching and coaching is all about. It is my desire to inspire you to honour your own values and follow your dreams. To break away from what you are “supposed to do”, to tap into what you really want to do and let it flow easily into your experience. I would love for you to wake up in the morning and feel excited and in love with your life! From wherever you are, you can get to where you want to be, and the path can be as easy and as fun as you want.

Be Inspired To Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest It Now - Podcast

The Manifest It Now podcast is an in-depth and fun discussion of any and all Law of Attraction & manifesting subjects that will lead you to a deeper understanding and help you experience greater success, ease and freedom in your everyday life.

If you understand the basics of LOA and have been trying to manifest in your own life, but haven’t quite figured out how to make it work for you, Cassie and Ginny take Law of Attraction concepts and make them practical and relatable to your everyday life, so that you know how to focus to get you the results you are desiring. “I literally love this podcast, it has changed my life and improved my outlook and manifesting skills.” – Itunes Review MissLuminas