A Clear Sign from the Universe

There is this place called Peru, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. In Peru, there is this mountain called Mt. Pisco, I’m sure you have heard less of it. There was also a plan to go to Peru and climb that mountain this summer. That was the plan before my trip partner received a herniated disc diagnosis last week. Crap. As there would not be enough time to heal and then train to be the in best shape of our lives in order to handle the almost 19 thousand feet of elevation, we called the trip off, no big surprises there. For me, it wasn’t such a big deal, because I’m a go with the flow kinda girl and know I will get there at some point in my life, but my poor partner is disappointed, in extreme pain, and immobilized on her back, asking why did this have to happen to her? Being the wonderfully supportive and annoyingly optimistic partner that I am, my response is a simple, everything happens for a reason and we just weren’t meant to be on the mountain this time, you never know what could have happened. Well her response went something like this: “Well why do I have to be the reason we don’t go on the trip and have through all the pain, couldn’t they have just cancelled the flight?”


And this is where is gets law of attraction cool…


The next day we received a Flight Status update, saying there has been a problem with our original plane, we need to switch aircraft carriers, and if this is a problem we can get a full refund, no questions asked. WOWSAS! Hello clear sign from the universe and thank you thank you for answering and providing us with just that extra little sign that we are not meant to be in Peru this summer.


I share this story, firstly because it knocked my own socks off and secondly because it is such the perfect example of how the universe is guiding us, supporting us and simply just always there! The universe… this invisible yet incredibly powerful and magic energy that flows through us and all around us at every moment, responding without judgement to our every desire.


The universe is always listening and ready to support us on our journey…ask with expectancy and be ready to receive your guidance.

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