Back to Basics

BuddhaYou know sometimes its difficult for me to admit to others that I don’t feel amazing all the time. I after all, am the one coaching others to find their feel good, so what does that say about me walking my talk and living my truth if I am not feeling great all of the time. Well, although not often, it happens. Over the past couple weeks I haven’t been really feeling “myself” and it is yucky. I keep asking myself, “this isn’t you, whats going on with you?”


I kept coaching myself, saying its all good, just let yourself be here, embrace the contrast and let the inspiration and feel good come to you. I said a lot of “its ok” to myself lately and then yesterday, I was like enough of this, I’m ready to be done feeling crappy, and with some additional coaching guidance (yes even coaches need coaches) we set a very simple plan in motion. I’ll tell you what I did to turn me around and bring me out of my lull, and I am sure you will not be surprised to hear, it was simple and easy! (and happened in less than 24hrs).


I went Back to the Basics…


I spent about 3 different times (approximately 2 minutes each) appreciating what is good around me now and what I am appreciative for right in the moment – this was definitely the key to allowing access to a higher vibration, and it just kept getting better and better. This is something anyone can practice at any point in their experience with amazing outcomes. This practice is the foundation of all vibrational alignment, gently shifting our attention more onto the positive than the negative. So easy. 



I spent about 20 min reading a book – This was a great distraction from all the time I had been spending asking myself what was wrong with me. Never a good reel to be playing over in your head…kinda keeps you in that limbo place, because you aren’t actually switching your attention onto what you do want. 



I listened to a guided meditation – one of my fall back tools that I know will either slightly or greatly bring me up the emotional scale. Sometimes I don’t pay attention, sometimes I do, but if the only thing that comes out of the experience is that I tell myself I did something good for myself that day – thats enough! 



Bing Bang Boom  – and I am feeling the joy again, feeling the fun and flow again. Ahh so much better, and it happened so quickly. If you guys are feeling stuck or feeling in a lull, please reach out for some guidance, I am So here for you. Sometimes we need someone to talk to, someone to listen to us, sometimes we need guidance or a different perspective, and like I told my coaches, sometimes we just need a little kick in the butt! 


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