Become The Deliberate Creator of Your Life

You know I talk a lot about Deliberate Creation…it’s kinda my thing, but even though this is the main subject of my days, sometimes I have to remind myself about the Deliberate part.


You see, we are all creators of our life (whether you are aware of it or not) because the Law of Attraction is always responding to the energy we put out, but the fun part comes in when we realize the power we have to deliberately effect our life. We learn that we can control what we put out by what we focus on and then we start to experience more conditions that please us.


Have you ever asked yourself the question – “How am I supposed to focus on something different when reality is so obviously blaring me in the face? I can’t NOT focus on the fact I can’t pay my bills, I can’t not notice the pain in my back or that my partner is so negative, it’s my reality.”


And you are right. The pain in your life is real and present. It is there, the question is, what is your emotional response to it? IF you choose a response based on your current reality, then your emotional response will come from a place of fear, but…

How can you move beyond your current reality if all of your attention is on what IS?

If what IS has your undivided attention, then you are not a deliberate creator. You are still the creator of your life, but you are a reactive creator, a responsive creator…you are creating your life by default.And this is how most people live their lives, going around, observing reality, having an unconscious reaction to it and automatically creating from that response. But when you understand you have the power choose an emotional response, you now have the ability to move beyond your current reality and create something different.


So How Do You Become More Deliberate?


1) The first step in becoming more deliberate is about Awareness. The moment you catch yourself feeling an unwanted emotion, Stop. Just stop whatever is going on, stop all the thinking in the mind and say “Look at that, I am experiencing incredible frustration because that idiot in front of me keeps slamming on his breaks.” (This is the critical shifting point because the vibe hasn’t built up too much momentum).


2) Allow It To Be Ok. The moment you stop fighting what IS and allow it to be, you will release resistance and open your energy up to receive something more. “It’s ok, I can just let this be ok for now, it’s not like I have to follow him forever.” A better feeling, a new idea or perspective will be attracted to this feeling of relief that you have deliberately chose to feel, and it continues to spiral up from there.


3) The most powerful tool you have access to at any time in your life, is your ability to focus. Training your focus and ultimately managing your vibration takes practice, but it develops with each moment that you are conscious of it. It is easier to train your focus doing something that bring you joy, so start developing your awareness of your emotions during your favourite sport or hobby. “Oh look at me being so peaceful on my walk,” or “Hey I’m noticing how excited I am to play this game.”

As always, have FUN with it!

If you are simply here to experience the high vibing tribe, feel the loads of appreciation coming your way and rock on your day!


And if you are someone looking for more support in learning to be deliberate check out [LOA Skills Camp] It is about transformation. I will be mentoring you through a process to become the conscious deliberate creator of your life. It is about you becoming more you, and fully living your truth.


Become the inspired deliberate creator of your life and Live Your Truth.

Rashmi / October 8, 2018

Thanks for the wonderful post

earl l west / October 26, 2019

excellent and , really inspiring. thank you!


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