Each week Cassie and Ginny discuss elements surrounding the process of deliberate creation and what it takes to
manifest your desires. Create the life of your dreams with the guidance of LOA coaches, Cassie and Ginny.
Meet Co-Host

Ginny Gane

A world traveller, Ginny lives her life playing with the amazingly powerful Law of Attraction. She loves life and wants others to find their own happy, to move away from the “shoulds” of society and really dream, create and experience a life to be in love with.

Ginny can help you understand how the law of attraction is playing out specifically in your experience and guide you to leverage your manifesting power to allow your greatest desires into your physical experience.

Meet Co-Host

Cassie Parks

Cassie Parks is a Money Maven. Her passions include teaching people how to improve their money mindset and use the Law of Attraction for lifestyle design. Cassie leveraged the power of the Law of Attraction to design and attract her Champagne Life.

When Cassie isn’t teaching the principles of living a Champagne Life, she can be found enjoying the view from her balcony in Denver, celebrating with friends over champagne, spending time with family, travelling, performing Improv, or writing in a local coffee shop.

What Our Listeners are Saying


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