LOA Vibe Up

Welcome to your 21-Day LOA Vibe UP course!

Stage 1 – Releasing Resistance
Exercise Questions

Commit to spending at least 5 min each day pondering and writing your responses to the questions below. Your shift will be revealed through the process of answering these questions, one each day.

Day 1: What is going well in your life right now? Write in detail (at least a page) about anything you consider to be a positive part of your life recently. Example: Sunny day, healthy body, made a new friend connection, read a good book.


Day 2: What is something that you enjoy doing in your life, that you feel joy experiencing? Think of something and then write in detail about the experience. Example: I love hiking – I could write about a day hike last year; the weather, how I felt, the people I saw.


Day 3: Write in detail about an experience or achievement you are proud of in your life? Example: Getting a promotion, having a baby: describe the situation, scenario, people around you, how you felt, what were you thinking?


Day 4: Describe a time in your life when someone has done something kind for you and you’ve felt appreciative. Example: Partner dropping off lunch at work for you – write about what you were thinking, feeling, hearing, seeing, what was the food, how did it taste, what was the conversation?


Day 5: Describe a time in your life when you have given generously to another person and not expected anything in return. Example: Dog sitting for a friend – why did you make the decision, how did it turn out, what was memorable about it, how did it make you feel?


Day 6: What is something you are very grateful for in your life, and why? Write about a time when you felt grateful for this. Example: My family – always supportive and accepting. When I started college, they all drove out with me and made sure I was settled in…etc.


Day 7: What is your most favourite thing in life to appreciate? Describe the experience. Example: I love appreciating nature – I feel connected and free, I love being in the trees and smelling the fresh air, walking on soft earth…etc.

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