LOA Vibe Up

Welcome to Week Two of your 21-Day LOA Vibe UP course!

Stage 2 – Get Clear
Exercise Questions

Commit to spending at least 5 min each day pondering and writing your responses to the questions below. Your shift will be revealed through the process of answering these questions, one each day.

Day 1: What does it feel like to have more money than I know what to do with in my life? Example: it feels fun and easy. I don’t have to worry, I feel secure and like I can do what I want.


Day 2: Write a list of things that would be a part of your life if you had more than enough money flowing in. Example: lunches with friends, expensive wines, two week vacations in the winter, getting my car detailed, renovating the kitchen, quality clothing.


Day 3: Write about an experience you’ve always dreamed of having if you had enough money. Example: Having morning coffee on the dock of my cottage on the water; use your 5 senses to describe the experience.


Day 4: What would I love most about having more than enough money? Example: not worrying about paying bills or getting massages every week.


Day 5: Write about an ideal day in your life if you had more than enough money. Example: start from when you wake up to when you go to bed? what do you do? what are you thinking about? how do you feel? who is a part of your day?


Day 6: How would my life be different if I had more than enough money flowing in? Example: I would shop at whole foods versus publix, eat out more often, drive a bigger car, wake up when I want etc.


Day 7: How would I feel if I money was easy and abundant in my life? Example: Free, relaxed etc.

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