LOA Vibe Up

Welcome to Week Three of your 21-Day LOA Vibe UP course!

Stage 3 – Activate and Allow
Exercise Questions

Commit to spending at least 5 min each day pondering and writing your responses to the questions below. Your shift will be revealed through the process of answering these questions, one each day.

Day 1: Who do I need to become in order to experience the vision I am beginning to realize? Example: Feel confident, know who I am, be more flexible, have more compassion etc.


Day 2: What are the qualities of the person living the financially abundant life? Example: organized, responsible, creative etc.


Day 3: How does this financially thriving person provide value to others? Example: providing education, mentoring growth, inspiring ideas etc.


Day 4: What is the morning routine of the person who lives this financially abundant life? Example: wake up early, take time for self to meditate and set intentions for the day or wake up whenever she wants, gets outside, has coffee by the water…


Day 5: What are the beliefs of the person who is living the finically abundant life? Example: I am responsible for my life, I can be do or have what I desire, there is always a solution, everything is always working out for me…


Day 6: Are there any daily routines a part of the financially thriving persons life? Example: Saving money every month, supporting a local cause, making family time a priority etc. 


Day 7: What is the financially thriving person thinking about all day? What do they focus on? Example: the task at hand, what is going great, all the abundance around them…

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