A FUN Self-Love Practice

For about the past week or so I have been having so much fun, getting back to the basic alignment practice of self-love. We all know (or if you didn’t, I’m telling you now), finding alignment with anything we want always comes back to how we truly feel about ourselves. Whether we admit it or […]


Back to Basics

You know sometimes its difficult for me to admit to others that I don’t feel amazing all the time. I after all, am the one coaching others to find their feel good, so what does that say about me walking my talk and living my truth if I am not feeling great all of the […]


Meditation for Dummies

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKTwb9-dnDM   I love the first part of this clip from Abraham Hicks, and how it reminds us that it may sometimes be too difficult to not think about what it is we don’t want to think about. In other words, we know that we should be thinking about what we want versus don’t want, […]


My Life’s Manifesto

Have you ever thought of who you want to be in this world? ~ How will you be as a person when you are Living Your Truth? ~ What do you believe in? ~ What is your core value?  ~ Taking some time to self-reflect can often be a powerful way to bring your focus […]



I totally pulled you in with that hot sexy lips picture, didn’t I? Common admit it, sex IS intriguing! Unfortunately this post isn’t about sexiness…it’s about my second favourite topic, The Law of Attraction…and keeping it SIMPLE!   Keep It Super Simple!   There is this invisible energetic force, some people call it God or Source or Love […]


Deliberate Allowing

As I am sure you have read or heard many times, we have the ability to create our own reality by directing our focus of thought, which is where the term Deliberate Creator came from. Sometimes the term deliberate creator can sound like a lot of work, like you have to do something to create […]