Practice WORKS!

A few hours ago I got off the phone with the women in my mentorship group and I always love our time together, but today felt extra awesome! Each one of the women shared a real life manifestation that happened for them in the past week. An invitation to be a regular guest blogger and share […]

Manifest it Now Radio Panel

Manifest It Now!

This past weekend I found myself standing absolutely still and perfectly silent inside the front hall closet during an intense game of hide and seek. I was amusing myself with the idea that very shortly, I would be coming out of the closet…again. This time though, it would be way more fun and much easier! […]


10 Essential Life Skills

10 incredible coaches have come together and co-created this Awesome eBook to help educate and bring awareness to some of the extremely important skills we need in life, that they don’t teach you in school… 1. How to say no. 2. How to accept rejection. 3. How to know what you want. 4. How to […]


Living my Truth on the Road

3 Months…2 Girls…1 Dog…GO!     First we determined we would need some sort of vehicle to cart all of us around. We settled upon a mini-van and found a great deal on the one pictured to the right (just kidding, but that would have been fun). We actually choose a black 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan with […]


A FUN Self-Love Practice

For about the past week or so I have been having so much fun, getting back to the basic alignment practice of self-love. We all know (or if you didn’t, I’m telling you now), finding alignment with anything we want always comes back to how we truly feel about ourselves. Whether we admit it or […]


Are You Trying Too Hard?

Sometimes I play this game with myself and the radio in the car. The rules are pretty simple, I think of a topic in my head, like some area of my life or something going on, for example, my relationship, my work, or maybe my day today, and then I say okay the next song […]


My Life’s Manifesto

Have you ever thought of who you want to be in this world? ~ How will you be as a person when you are Living Your Truth? ~ What do you believe in? ~ What is your core value?  ~ Taking some time to self-reflect can often be a powerful way to bring your focus […]


Avoid Yaking all over Life

  This past summer I spent almost two weeks sailing with my family. I’m sure you’re thinking “oh that sounds fun” –  let me repeat… I spent almost 168 hours, on a boat, living, sleeping and using a miniature toilet, all in a confined space with 4 other adult human beings. Okay now you can […]


Taking My Yoga Off the Board

This morning I was one of eight students in an amazing yoga class…on the water. When I say on the water, I actually mean, on the water, well on a paddleboard on the water. Have you ever tried to sit or stand on one of those things? It’s quite unstable at first as I was […]