Told Ya!

  My dad told me this great story about my childhood yesterday. We were driving to one of my soccer games, I was around 11, and my dad in the drivers seat, looks back through the rear view mirror and sees me sitting in the back with my eyes closed. He asks “Gin are you […]


A Clear Sign from the Universe

There is this place called Peru, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. In Peru, there is this mountain called Mt. Pisco, I’m sure you have heard less of it. There was also a plan to go to Peru and climb that mountain this summer. That was the plan before my trip partner received a herniated […]


Alignment with the Click of a Button

  It so happens I have a girlfriend who is somewhat of a genius in the graphic design world. Yesterday we were working on a design project, and when I say ‘we’ I mean I was watching her work her magic while doing a very good job of staying quiet…most of the time.  Not the  […]