Truth From the Heart

There are a few people close to me going through some significant life transitions right now; trying to get pregnant, processing a diagnosis, letting go of a relationship and grieving a sudden loss. When we are in these spaces, it’s habitual to spend a lot of time thinking about everything and trying to figure out […]


Practice WORKS!

A few hours ago I got off the phone with the women in my mentorship group and I always love our time together, but today felt extra awesome! Each one of the women shared a real life manifestation that happened for them in the past week. An invitation to be a regular guest blogger and share […]

Leaf focus

The Power in Your Focus

Have you heard of Louise Hay’s book called Heal Your Body? She is an amazing leader in using your thoughts to change your reality – this book specifically focused on how to heal your body with affirmations. She talks about how each physical condition that shows up in our life is correlated to a specific […]

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Do you get lost in your head?

  This past week I was reminded once again how foundational being present is to our feeling fulfilled in this life. I was lost in daydreaming about the future, wondering how things would turn out, if I was doing the right things right now to get to where I want to be…and then I caught myself […]

Manifest it Now Radio Panel

Manifest It Now!

This past weekend I found myself standing absolutely still and perfectly silent inside the front hall closet during an intense game of hide and seek. I was amusing myself with the idea that very shortly, I would be coming out of the closet…again. This time though, it would be way more fun and much easier! […]

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Change Is Fluid

It seems sometimes there is a ton of energy this time of the calendar year around change. Start working towards a new goal, stop spending so much time in a bad habit, set goals for more of this and less of that…all surrounded around change in some way or another. So let’s talk about it… […]

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What Is Alignment?

Have you ever heard me talk about Alignment and wondered to yourself what it actually means…what does it look like in the real world Ginny? A very valuable question because as you all know, Alignment is one of the most important concepts to leveraging the Law of Attraction, so gaining a better grasp on what […]


You Always Get to Choose

One of my very good friends sent me this awesome story yesterday and I want to share it with all of you! One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all. One is EVIL – […]

talk less feel more

Talk Less…Feel More

Talk less and feel more! Most recently I have experienced some incredible highs, like those 100% you know you are in the vortex, you can’t even describe how amazing you feel and how amazing life is! You know what I mean right? It happens a lot when you first fall in love 😉 Or when […]