Health and Well-being

This is the phrase that spoke to me most during meditation yesterday. It embodies what living your truth is all about. It is all about allowing the connection to your inner self, be the solution. Knowing what you want, and making thought and action choices in alignment with your own values. When we do this, […]


You CAN Have What You Want

There is something really important that I want to tell you today. That thing you are desiring for yourself, you can have it! You can achieve it! You can feel it! Whatever IT is, sitting in the back of your mind right now, that thing that you want but part of you is scared to […]


Valentines Day

~ Be Unconditional Today ~ Be unconditional in your love today. Towards the significant others in your life, towards the strangers you run into today, towards your children, your parents, your furry friends, and most importantly towards Yourself. There is nothing stopping you right now from being open to give and receive love for absolutely […]


New Year 2016

I like to ask questions that make you think about who you are. It is one of my favourite ways to communicate with the people around me. My friends and family expect it now, but I still get some fun surprised faces and hesitant responses from individuals whom I just meet. Last week I was […]


Small Smiles, Big Change

So many times in our days, we hurry along, caught up in doing whatever we are doing and absorbed in our own little world. And then these small little occurrences happen to slow us down and bring us back to what is really important and real. This is what happened for me. On Sunday afternoons […]


A FUN Self-Love Practice

For about the past week or so I have been having so much fun, getting back to the basic alignment practice of self-love. We all know (or if you didn’t, I’m telling you now), finding alignment with anything we want always comes back to how we truly feel about ourselves. Whether we admit it or […]


Back to Basics

You know sometimes its difficult for me to admit to others that I don’t feel amazing all the time. I after all, am the one coaching others to find their feel good, so what does that say about me walking my talk and living my truth if I am not feeling great all of the […]


Are You Trying Too Hard?

Sometimes I play this game with myself and the radio in the car. The rules are pretty simple, I think of a topic in my head, like some area of my life or something going on, for example, my relationship, my work, or maybe my day today, and then I say okay the next song […]


My Life’s Manifesto

Have you ever thought of who you want to be in this world? ~ How will you be as a person when you are Living Your Truth? ~ What do you believe in? ~ What is your core value?  ~ Taking some time to self-reflect can often be a powerful way to bring your focus […]