How I Know What I do Works!

I am a life coach. I love seeing people learn about themselves, uncover who they are, what they believe in, find and live their truth. More specifically, one of my true passions is teaching individuals how to use the Law of Attraction to get what they want. Anything they want.   For those of you […]


Avoid Yaking all over Life

  This past summer I spent almost two weeks sailing with my family. I’m sure you’re thinking “oh that sounds fun” –  let me repeat… I spent almost 168 hours, on a boat, living, sleeping and using a miniature toilet, all in a confined space with 4 other adult human beings. Okay now you can […]



I totally pulled you in with that hot sexy lips picture, didn’t I? Common admit it, sex IS intriguing! Unfortunately this post isn’t about sexiness…it’s about my second favourite topic, The Law of Attraction…and keeping it SIMPLE!   Keep It Super Simple!   There is this invisible energetic force, some people call it God or Source or Love […]


Told Ya!

  My dad told me this great story about my childhood yesterday. We were driving to one of my soccer games, I was around 11, and my dad in the drivers seat, looks back through the rear view mirror and sees me sitting in the back with my eyes closed. He asks “Gin are you […]


Tears of What Is

My Grandmother is dying. We call her Baba, which stems from the Ukraine, where she was born. It is an interesting emotion having someone you love leave this physical world. This is the first time since I have really been living an LOA life, and gently formed my own opinion of what death is, that […]


A Clear Sign from the Universe

There is this place called Peru, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. In Peru, there is this mountain called Mt. Pisco, I’m sure you have heard less of it. There was also a plan to go to Peru and climb that mountain this summer. That was the plan before my trip partner received a herniated […]


Deliberate Allowing

As I am sure you have read or heard many times, we have the ability to create our own reality by directing our focus of thought, which is where the term Deliberate Creator came from. Sometimes the term deliberate creator can sound like a lot of work, like you have to do something to create […]


Alignment with the Click of a Button

  It so happens I have a girlfriend who is somewhat of a genius in the graphic design world. Yesterday we were working on a design project, and when I say ‘we’ I mean I was watching her work her magic while doing a very good job of staying quiet…most of the time.  Not the  […]


Striving vs Surrendering

  What is the balance between Striving for our desires and Surrendering to allow them to flow to us?   To Strive: From one tried and tested point of view, we are taught from leaders to always be working towards something, to have a clear goal and vision and the more we want it and […]