Yesterday I was mindlessly killing time in a bit of a confused and wandering life mood (you know when something doesn’t feel quite right, but you don’t know what it is).   I was flipping through Facebook…Boring. Looking at photos on my phone…still Boring.   So I opened the Kijiji app to browse and there […]


“Ideal Day” Creativity

  I keep being surprised that I am actually living my “Ideal Day” – It’s so Amazing! I have been using a manifestation technique lately where you write down what you would want your perfect day to look and feel like (totally okay to have many different perfect days) and twice now, it has happened […]


The First Agreement for Deliberate Creators

  I was reading Don Miguel Ruizʼs “The Four Agreements” this morning, for probably the 10th or so time, but for the first time I had a new concept pop out at me. You find it happens that way, right? You watch an old movie or read an old book again, but are still noticing […]


Flip It!

  Like a pancake…you can Flip your Vibe!   I received an upsetting email yesterday (one of those emails that just makes you want to cry and reach for the chocolate stash), where my emotional reaction went instantly to a place of hurt and then anger. This is not a common state for me to […]


Etch A Sketch Your Life

  Telling good stories, I believe, is a true art form. I work with a client who is exceptional at making an everyday occurrence seem exciting, and boy does he love to tell stories. His most recent one started with “So you remember that toy, the Etch A Sketch?” I obviously do yes, but as […]


Living Your Truth

Woohoo! Welcome to my first official blog post, this is going to be so much fun, and I hope you play along and co-create with some comments whenever you want to.   What does it mean to you to be “Living Your Truth?” To me it means firstly knowing yourself, trusting your intuition, knowing what […]