What I Learned From My Last Breakdown

I feel like breakdowns generally get a bad rep… In reality, they are so opening and powerful. Never-mind essential for our conscious expansion.  Isn’t it funny that we accept our muscles feel sore after a good workout (breaking down of muscle fibre), in fact we mostly celebrate the experience of soreness (common how many have […]


When your spouse drives you nuts!

“She’s the love of my life, but I can’t stand being with her.” That was Natalie on the phone with me, four months ago.  Natalie has always been super positive. BUT… she likes getting her way. And in her marriage to Janice, that was not happening.  She wanted to redo the garage. But Janice didn’t.  […]


The most important LOA lesson there is

Janette was a product marketer for Adidas. It was a dream job! Janette got to be creative and make a real impact. But as the years wore on, Janette witnessed lots of drama in upper management and a demanding, strenuous work culture.  And she leaned in hard. She reacted the only way she knew how… […]


Romance in the time of Covid

Erin has been ready for love… for a while.  For the past year she’s been compulsively “working” to find her match.  It’s been a rollercoaster.  She’s tried to make Mr. Right show up, and after tons of dating and putting herself out there, nothing happens.  So she’s had to let it go, because it’s too […]


Don’t worry, manifest money!

My client Traci had just quit her job as a home loan processor to pursue her real passion… becoming an energetic healing coach.  She was overjoyed with all her new free time to build her business, lay by the pool and ride horses! She’d saved enough money to live off for a while. But a […]


The Battle of the “How”

The first time Cassie Parks and I connected, somebody on the line said, “there shouldn’t be this much laughing.” It was 2013, and we were both getting our Law of Attraction coaching certification. We were paired up for a practice coaching exercise, and Cassie and I immediately clicked.  So much that the moderator wanted us […]


Manifesting at 30,000 feet

Just last week Constance was about 33,000 feet high up in the air – and feeling a little down.  She was flying from Ireland to London for a creative writing program.  She’d been dreaming about motoring around London in a luxury car, like a BMW or Mercedes. But when it came time to book the […]