Change Is Fluid

Change Is Fluid

Change Is Fluid

It seems sometimes there is a ton of energy this time of the calendar year around change. Start working towards a new goal, stop spending so much time in a bad habit, set goals for more of this and less of that…all surrounded around change in some way or another. So let’s talk about it…

One of the questions I recently asked my LOA Skills Campers was How are you different from last year to now? (A great question to ask yourself hint hint) Every person highlighted the feeling of greater awareness and connection with who they really are and feeling more in control of their path.

“It feels like I found the key to understanding life, and now I feel more powerful.”

What an incredible way to have changed. The second part of this exercise was to bring awareness to the process of change. You were there and now you are here, well how did that happen? The consensus was that Change is Fluid, and that even the process of change is always changing. Sometimes it’s a decision, sometimes it’s an intention, sometimes we don’t even realize we have changed so much until we look back at what used to be. There is perfection in all of these pathsalthough we identified a common theme. Through practicing and trusting the system, everyone realized that the key to all of it is…

…allowing the change to unfold.

We are constantly expanding beings. Vibrationally we are always becoming more, moving towards who we want to be, and there is a certain fluidity to this process. Like water flowing downstream, we organically expand our awareness through life experience. In other words, we don’t have to try to improve ourselves so much, because the universe already takes care of it. Take the pressure off yourself this year and see what happens.

Lastly, whatever (if any) change you are intending for the new year, kindly bring to it the vibration of Allowing. Know that you are already being pulled forward to what you want and trust the inspirations, your emotions and most of all relax into the unfolding of it all.

With intentions of Amazing Abundant Changes…

Happy 2017 Conscious Creators!!