Don’t worry, manifest money!

Don’t worry, manifest money!

Don’t worry, manifest money!

My client Traci had just quit her job as a home loan processor to pursue her real passion… becoming an energetic healing coach. 

She was overjoyed with all her new free time to build her business, lay by the pool and ride horses!

She’d saved enough money to live off for a while. But a few months passed…

And she didn’t have any clients. 

So she started to freak out about money. She was burning through her savings and soon she’d be in the red. 

When we spoke, Traci was pretty stressed. 

So we got down to some key questions. I asked her:

“How do you want to feel about money right now?”

“Are you willing to feel that way independent of the condition?”

“What if the universe has something different in store for you than you are planning?”

I coached her how to trust her feelings, and really practice believing that things would work out for her.  

Traci had to open up to new possibilities, and she decided to tune into her abundance. She let go of worrying about how exactly the cash would show up. 


She got a call out of nowhere!

It was a job offer for a loan processor position (what she was already an expert in). 

The job was…easy! 

AND… the salary was by far more money than she’d ever made. 

Traci could hardly believe it. 

And this time around, she was actually excited about the work, her team, and the opportunities this new company had available. 

The offer came at the perfect time, and allowed Traci to earn easy big money, and now with the financial pressure off…

Coaching clients are naturally flocking to her (3 new folks last week alone!).

When we’re in a bind (especially with money), we often do what Traci did… freak out!

But worry is counterproductive. 

Agonizing over your bank account will get you nowhere. 

But when you get into alignment and trust?

That’s money!

There is literally no way that Traci could have found the job that was offered to her. It wasn’t posted anywhere. 

The job landed in her lap because of the alignment work she did.

And I want to encourage you to do what Traci ended up doing…

Ask yourself how you want to feel. 

And trust your alignment.