Etch A Sketch Your Life

Etch a Sketch


Telling good stories, I believe, is a true art form. I work with a client who is exceptional at making an everyday occurrence seem exciting, and boy does he love to tell stories. His most recent one started with “So you remember that toy, the Etch A Sketch?” I obviously do yes, but as he continued on his story I have to admit I semi tuned him out (sorry if you are reading this 😉 …only because I couldnʼt stop thinking about how ʻstoriesʼ and ʻEtch A Sketchʼ go so perfect together!


What I mean by this is, what we tell ourselves about who we are, how our life is, all of this internal dialogue makes up “our personal stories” about our life. This may seem insignificant, but as we know our thoughts create our reality, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” – Buddha and the stories we tell ourselves about what is true, shapes how our life turns out. We are the only ones that get to live in our heads and therefore we get to make up our own story, tell it enough so that we believe it, and therefore create it in our physical experience or what is manifested in our life.


There is no exception to the universal Law of Attraction – what we believe to be true, and what is true, will always be a match.


Sometimes we tell negative stories we arenʼt even aware of, like “oh itʼs so hard for me to loose weight” or “I always get the red lights” or “I never have any time.” And sometimes we tell positive stories we arenʼt aware of, like “Iʼm usually pretty lucky,” or “I can always find a good parking spot,” or “its easy for me to talk to people.”


Back to the drawing board…or Etch A Sketch. As Iʼm sure you can see where Iʼm headed with this, if we want to change something in our life, start changing the way you are talking about it, or telling the story. Like the simplicity of an Etch A Sketch, we can simply shake it up, the old story or image disappears and we have a brand new clean slate for creating a new image or story…exactly the way we want it to be…you just have to play with the knobs ;).


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth.” – Rumi


Take note next time you are internally talking to yourself (we all do it) and notice what stories you are telling yourself about your life. Gaining conscious awareness is key, and from there its as simple as deciding whether you want that story to be true for you. If you do, keep it, if you donʼt shake it up and re-create a new one.


Happy Sketching!

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