Flip It!

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Like a pancake…you can Flip your Vibe!


I received an upsetting email yesterday (one of those emails that just makes you want to cry and reach for the chocolate stash), where my emotional reaction went instantly to a place of hurt and then anger. This is not a common state for me to be in and uggh..it felt so uncomfortable!


One of the upsetting parts to me was that I was in such a great flowing place and I was about to set aside some time for productive writing when BAM, the universe throws this big lump of contrast my way. Now I wasn’t feeling good AND I wasn’t getting what I wanted done. Stuck. From here I reminded myself what many Guruʼs teach, that we can only offer good and love to the world, when we first feel good and love within ourselves.


So it was time to turn the focus back on my relationship with myself, practice what I preach, and move up the emotional scale.


There were definitely no good thoughts within reach about the issue at hand, so I distracted myself (fun loa technique) with some event planning, and then about an hour later, felt the need to respond to the email. I started writing my feelings, which I must say, began with a whole lot more attitude than I really wanted to share, but eventually they calmed down, I moved through the primal ego response and I found my way back into the vortex. From this place of connection, I was able to offer a vibration to the situation that was more focused on the solution than continuing along the downward spiral of blame.


I was typing along and, because I use LOA to explain basically everything in life, I suddenly stopped mid sentence and realized…I AM WRITING! Which made me even more happy. I am doing exactly what I intended to do, deliberately flipping my vibe around AND doing productive writing. It amazes me how mysterious and sneaky the Law of Attraction can seem sometimes.


It is such a perfect reminder how we are solely responsible for how we feel at any given time & we Always get to CHOOSE that feeling. The universe consistently responds to our dominant vibration, we just have to Flip It and go with the Flow!

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