Gettin Lucky in the New Year

This is going to be my lucky year!

You know why?

Because I am going to make it BE.

law of attraction stars

Around the end of the year, the beginning of the new one, I, as many people do, reflect on how the past year has been and plan for what I want to accomplish in the new year. Wanting to do things a little different than just set goals, I decided to think about what I want my year to be about. Like what would my theme be for 2015? I didn’t make a list of goals or things I want to do, because I know the value of vibration and that we communicate to the universe through our emotions, I thought how do I want to feel this year? In general. I mean I am sure I am going to go through the entire emotional scale for moments all throughout the year, but overall, generally, how would I want to describe 2015 for me? How do I want to feel when I wake up each morning in 2015? And the answer…LUCKY.


Lucky to me, means, happy, appreciative, in the moment, in love, peaceful, full-filled and excited! Can’t you just feel the smile come across your face when you think of feeling so lucky to be you! According to the laws of the universe, we must BE it before we see it, so I started practicing being it right away. Every morning now, I wake up and say to myself (in my mind) “I am the luckiest person in the whole world!” Then I spend about 30 seconds really feeling the joy and wondering what amazing things are going to make me feel lucky today. I like to leave the hard work up to the universe and let it surprise me with all the countless possible ways I could feel lucky.


Have you recently thought about what you want your dominant feeling for this year to be? Self reflection and thinking about what we want and how we want to feel about it, can be so much fun! Learning about ourselves, who we are and what we value is a never ending journey of discovery. If you would appreciate some clarification or guidance or you just want to talk to me because I am cool ;)… drop me an email, and we will set up a quick clarifying call for you to help define your years focus. Uncovering layers of our individual preferences and dreams is addicting, and knowing we can Do, Be or Have anything we want, makes it so fun to play with!




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