How thoughts do NOT create your reality

As I was working on the second chapter of my book this morning, I was writing about something really important that I want to highlight. Thoughts DO NOT create our reality. I know it may seem odd for your Law of Attraction coach to be saying this, but I want you to have a deeper understanding of what is actually happening.
The thought is only the precursor to the actual mode of communication with the universe. It is your emotions that carry the vibrational frequency to the universe around you not the thought. Thoughts actually have zero power UNTIL you choose to assign them a meaning! Two people can have the very same thought about something – let’s say how sunny the weekend is going to be. One person may love the sun and so this means a fun weekend outside, while the other person may prefer cool temperatures, so it means a not fun weekend avoiding the sun. It is the exact same “thought” but each person chooses what it means for them and this choice determines the emotion they feel and therefore what vibration they are emitting to the universe. One person vibrates excitement and one person vibrates frustration.
Can you see how much power you hold, simply in the way that you choose to perceive something? The choice and power is all yours! It is so incredible. There is no special skill you need to have to be a more deliberate creator of your life. All you need to do is be aware of how you are choosing to think about things. That’s it. Just be aware and see what follows…
Wishing everyone a gorgeous sun-shiny weekend (as I happen to love sunshine and heat;)

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