“Ideal Day” Creativity


I keep being surprised that I am actually living my “Ideal Day” – It’s so Amazing! I have been using a manifestation technique lately where you write down what you would want your perfect day to look and feel like (totally okay to have many different perfect days) and twice now, it has happened where I have caught myself in the middle of my day and realized, Holy Sh*t, I am here, I am living my ideal day, right now!


Just to clarify, the day that I wrote down on paper, is not exactly to the specs of the day I am experiencing now, but there is more than enough evidence to know that I, did indeed create this day with my thoughts. The couple times that I wrote down about my “Ideal Day” it happened within the next two weeks – what great feedback from the universe to know that I have such low resistance in this area for it to have manifested so quickly. Very cool, and an energy I can totally bring into other areas of life.

deliberate creation made easy


One of my favourite parts about deliberate creation is how creative the universe gets in answering your desires! For example part of my ideal day involves having a puppy in my life and waking up to its unconditional loving energy, being so excited to pee (the pup), and then being able to take it out for a walk. Well, being slightly nomadic, I cannot see in the near future having my own dog, but as it turns out, I am an amazing dog sitter, and the opportunity comes up surprisingly often in my life (…well knowing that the law of attraction is always working, maybe not so surprisingly).


So although it wasn’t exactly as I planned in my mind, my morning did involve waking up with two pups and getting to take them outside, in the sunshine (sunshine is always part of my ideal days).


Well played universe…well played.


Have YOU ever thought of what one of your “Ideal Days” would look like?

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