Living my Truth on the Road

Living my Truth on the Road

Living my Truth on the Road

3 Months…2 Girls…1 Dog…GO!

First we determined we would need some sort of vehicle to cart all of us around. We
settled upon a mini-van and found a great deal on the one pictured to the right (just kidding, but that would have been fun). We actually choose a black 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan with low kilometres so we don’t break down in the middle of the dessert. Smart, I know.

Oh which leads me to tell you about WHERE we will be going! We bought a map (see to the left) and started to mark out all the places we “for sure” want to visit. Our only destination where we must be on a certain date is for a friends wedding in San Francisco (which is what actually inspired the whole trip in the first place. That and I want to climb a mountain on my 30th birthday in August!) So thus we ended up with one big road trip adventure. Seems about right. First we will head down to Kentucky for a few days of planned rock climbing and then pretty much straight across the States to San Diego, where from there we will travel all the way up the coast to Seattle, possibly Vancouver. After that we head back down to Utah/Arizona border and then Colorado and finally back to Ontario. We would love to stop and visit familiar faces, so anyone who is residing along our journey, let me know!

Next is my girlfriend, Erika’s mission to create a sleeping and storage space in the back of the van. She’s pretty creative, and loves doing those kinds of hands on building and architecture things. I said I would put the curtains up 😉 She built a bed frame, which we will be getting a foam mattress for soon, and we bought storage bins for under the bed. The bed folds up during the day so Deekin has a place to sit/lay while we drive. This is going to be our home for 3 months, we need to make it as comfortable as possible.

Testing out the frame of the bed and making sure the storage bins fit underneath

Laying down the protective carpet layer

I’m testing out the strength of the frame…make sure it doesn’t collapse on us or more so on Deekin.

We added insulated reflector panels to the insides of the windows to act as black out curtains at night and to keep the heat out during the day. We have seat covers to protect the front seats and used some leftover carpet from a friend for the bottom of the van floor.

Let us know if you have any ideas, questions or helpful road tripping tips!

Further preparation, and planning to follow…