“I joined LOA Skills Camp because I couldn’t figure out how to get to the next level of my manifesting. I felt stuck and like an under-performer when intuitively I knew there was so much more I could achieve.  The exercises and the coaching helped me realize and connect things that helped me get at the root of some of my resistance and I started actually giving myself the love that I knew was in me. Before I was giving self love in a more surface way and now I feel a level of love and magnificence I’ve never felt before. Also, I continually feel happy radiant love energy leaping from my chest - like I can FEEL it! It’s amazing!” - Liz
"LOA Skills Camp opened up my eyes to a new way of thinking and living. I am now in touch with my feelings and understand where I am now and what I want my future self to be. The biggest breakthrough for me has been letting go of figuring out the details (the “how”) and instead I now just feel and trust that everything will fall into place.Ginny has such a positive, inspiring attitude and she guided me and helped us all to grow over the course. I’ve loved connecting with the group members and hearing about their successes and shifts.  I’m excited to continue to apply these skills for the rest of my life. I know now that anything is possible". - Kim
"I definitely got the 'anything is possible' feeling. I also remember that when I joined Skills Camp, the main thing I wanted to improve was my love life, and now I'm in an awesome relationship! I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I could improve other areas of my life that I didn't even consider before, especially work. My life just feels so much brighter, more magical, and exciting now than when I started - also everything seems to work out perfectly for me in terms of timing now & I seem to randomly get free stuff. I'm currently in London enjoying a long layover before heading to South Africa tonight - it's been great to see another country unexpectedly on this trip." - Jen
"Before I started LOA Skills Camp, I was Debbie Downer. There were very few things I looked forward to, and I found that people avoided me due to my negativity. I hesitated to join Skills Camp at first, because I have trouble sticking with anything for longer than a few weeks. I did join, and my biggest breakthrough has been my attitude. Joy, which is a word I thought I'd never apply to my life, has become frequent in my life. Not only that, I have grown to appreciate my life. My social life has taken off, work is much more pleasant, and I look forward to my future. LOA with Ginny was unique, because it was personal. Ginny knew me as a person and listened. I felt valued and important. That made me realize I was valued and important. To anyone considering Skills Camp, to get the most out of this, do everything, ask questions, and participate. Remember, this is a lifetime commitment. Start your journey with Ginny. It is very much worth it." - Angie
"I reached out to Ginny to help deepen my understanding of LOA principles and practical ways to apply them in my daily life. LOA coaching helped me shift my focus away from negative belief patterns that were holding me back and to focus on the positive aspects of my life and practice appreciating them. Ginny never let me indulge in the negative stories, even for one minute and guided me towards a path of ease and alignment. I had really struggled with feeling the need to hustle in my business and at home, and Ginny taught me how to slow down and to make room for the abundance. I really appreciated Ginny’s ability to quickly answer any question and coach me on any issue that came up during the week. She had brilliant insight to every concern I brought to her. I am excited to continue to apply all the awesomeness she brought to me. I would encourage anyone who wants to deepen their LOA journey to work with Ginny." - Melanie
"I highly recommend the LOA Skills Camp to people who are truly interested in becoming the master of their lives and change their lives for the better. So many people don't know how LOA really works and therefore can never live their dream life. In the LOA Skills Camp you learn THE RULES of this GAME called life and once you know the rules, there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have. I so enjoyed the exciting exercises we got from Ginny where we could use our imagination and think of how we would love our lives to be. It is so much fun using your imagination. What I discovered is that the way we FEEL is the most important thing because the way we FEEL NOW is the way we attract unto us in the future. Ginny is so passionate about her coaching and a very inspiring person. Life is happening Now so don't wait, just do it. Go ahead and enjoy the joyful journey with LOA Skills Camp." – Besa
Trusting in and investing in Ginny was a pivotal point in my LOA journey – I am so excited and happy to report that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! To have the added support of like minded people was invaluable and a constant vibration enhancer! Ginny offered an invaluable perspective that often led to revelations of “ohhhh….. I see, I get it now!” From dealing with a teenager, to acknowledging and accepting my own emotions and fantastic advice regarding the perspective to take when things ‘seemingly’ haven’t worked out. I can ‘start again’ quickly and easily now when ‘something’ happens – rather than it leading to a ‘bad day’. She believes in my huge dreams as much as I do – and that, is priceless. – Charlotte
"I joined LOA skills camp with no expectation.  By the end of the course, I felt like a different person.  So much in my life has changed for the better!  Ginny makes the process fun and easy.  I was in school, worked full time and still was able to participate fully! This course was an integral part of the next step in my manifesting journey and I would recommend it to anyone!" - Remi
LOA Skills Camp has been the most uplifting, enlightening and enjoyable experience. Whilst I had been aware of LOA for a number of years, I was finding it challenging to truly apply the teachings and get results. I can honestly say the 8-week programme has completely transformed my outlook, the emotional shift within me has been huge! The weekly modules help to break down the basics of LOA teachings and the fun work gives you practical and enjoyable ways to apply what you've learnt. It was also wonderful to meet and connect with like-minded women who encouraged one another through the programme, helping to build that high vibrational momentum.
The greatest thing I will take away from Skills Camp is my connection to my inner being. Ginny has helped me to find ways and recognize when I am truly connected with my source, it really is the most magical and powerful feeling. I have shifted from wondering 'IF' my desires will manifest to whole-heartedly knowing and trusting that they 'WILL' manifest, and that all I need to do is feel good about it! This has honestly been the best experience! I am so appreciative and so committed to moving forward on this journey to realizing my full power as a true deliberate creator. - Grace
LOA Skills Camp with Ginny was exactly what I needed to up my manifesting game!  The coaching was everything and more than I was looking for PLUS I got to meet, support and be supported by an amazing group of like-minded women.  Ginny’s easy to follow and detailed videos were full of inspiring information and the fun work was the perfect way to implement what Ginny had explained in the videos.  I’ve already begun to manifest some great things in my life with what I learned in LOA Skills Camp and I will definitely continue to use the knowledge to manifest even more!  Traci
"I joined LOA Skills Camp because I had many questions of how to relate the LOA to my life and with some big life changes in front of me, I knew it was the right time. I was looking for guidance on shifting my perspectives, making LOA a lifestyle, and clarifying what I want in life. With the funwork, conversations, and Ginny’s guidance, I was given strategies to feel my current life through a joyful, fun, loving lens. The structure and process of the class is well designed with the variety of informational module videos, funwork, posting in our group, group discussions, and one on one personal sessions. This allowed a variety of ways to learn and engage with the information and then apply to my life. The best aspect of the course was sharing daily posts, feedback, and conversation with the other women. I learned so much from them as we celebrated, created momentum and shared insight. I was able to take the simple affirmations of  “everything is for me” and “I always get what I want,” and learned to actually believe in these words.
My Trust in Source and my Spirit has grown deeper, I have learned to let go and have fun, and I have been reminded to think of the bigger picture of life. My awareness of my thoughts and feelings is deeper. I have learned my power of creating and being the woman I want to be in every moment." - Sarah
I reached out to Ginny because I was trying to grow my manifesting and I wasn’t seeing the sort of results on my own. Initially when I began my LOA discovery work - by listening to the podcast and eventually Abraham Hicks books and recordings that Ginny had referenced on the podcast - I felt I could do it on my own. When I realized I had taken my path as far as I could by myself and I became open to the idea of a coach, Ginny’s name began appearing for me and I kept thinking about her. Things began lining up and I decided to join LOA Skills Camp, and I’m so glad I did. LOA Skills Camp helped me by deciphering terminology I had been reading about, but not completely understanding. I learned the importance of my emotions as my guideposts, what resistance is and how to work with it and how to uncover what I truly want - what is most important to me, which it turned out was freedom. Ginny’s coaching course took me through a very smooth, building-blocks approach that helped me grow in understanding, confidence and resulting manifestations in a way that was clear and easier than I would have thought possible.
One thing I really liked about working with Ginny’s Skills Camp program is how she united me with other women who were on a similar path to mine and I was able to learn from their questions, insights and experiences and build my own growth with that help. I have made friends with these amazing women and it’s so impactful to me that I am sharing my path with others. Growing together in the Skills Camp experience gave me a tribe for support, strength and celebration and that was an unexpected and very special part of this experience.
Wherever you are on your journey, Ginny will meet you there and guide you from wherever that is to where you need to go. She is a bright light and a truly authentic and gifted individual. Investing in Skills Camp changed my life in an amazing way - I have a brand new pathway I am creating with more confidence, excitement and fun than I ever thought possible. Working with Ginny helped me uncover important aspects of myself and I’m loving what I’m learning as I continue on my path - Debbie