Meditation for Dummies



I love the first part of this clip from Abraham Hicks, and how it reminds us that it may sometimes be too difficult to not think about what it is we don’t want to think about. In other words, we know that we should be thinking about what we want versus don’t want, but we just spend the whole time thinking that “I shouldn’t be thinking about that.”  Abraham shares that the key is to find something else to focus on. Something completely different. Something that will last long enough to get your focus off what you don’t want to think about. Something that will bring about a different vibration.


Remember we can only focus on one thing at a time, so if we can find something to take our mind off what we don’t want to think about, its easier to shift our vibration and bring it back onto what we want. Thats why its such a great idea if you are feeling crappy to have a nap! It truly is one of my favs…until it turns into like a 2 hour nap (make sure to set an alarm). I really like what they talk about in the clip though – focus on a sound, the background noise of the furnace or turning on the tap to listen to the running of water. These things are so simple, but if they can hold your focus and distract you for 17 seconds, you will then have access to a thought pointed in the direction of where you want to go.


Meditation can be anything that helps quiet your mind…


Quieting the mind = releasing of resistance. This is why meditation is so popular with mostly all of the self-growth teachings. When we can be in a place of little to no resistance, we connect with our true self, our inner being and everything you want easily flows to us. Nevermind the fact it just feels awesome to feel that way!



Leave a comment below as to what are some of your methods of ‘refocusing’ or ‘distracting’ that you guys use to get your mind off thinking about what you don’t want?

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