The Champion Mindset: Access Your Power to Create, Leveraging Law of Attraction. Book by Ginny Gane




Still struggling to make the Law of Attraction work for you?

Some people may have heard of the Law of Attraction (LOA), but identifying the way it can help might still be a mystery. In her brand new book, best-selling author Ginny Gane shares a simple approach to help individuals know and apply their power now.


For anyone who has learned the basics of LOA, but are still searching for how to really see results in their life, The Champion Mindset will guide them how to practically leverage their knowledge to life the life of love and freedom they desire.


Thank you to Ginny Gane for writing the most understandable and easy to apply law of attraction book. I have read MUCH on the subject, but none as clear as a Champion Mindset ! – Alise Grenev


Grounded in the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Ginny highlights how everyone has the power to purposefully create the kind of life he or she dreams of – and the techniques taught in this book will get them there.


Ginny says “My wish is for people to really know their true value, to wake up and be excited and inspired to live their day.” The unique skills presented within the pages, ultimately empower individuals to take control of their experience and truly uncover and be all that they want to be.


“This helped me accept LOA as an actual “law,” like the laws of math or physics. I particularly love her chapter about gratitude and appreciation. I read this book on a flight to a conference. When I read this chapter, I stopped a moment to appreciate a few things in my life… when I landed and got to my hotel, I found out they had upgraded me to the Presidential Suite!”


“For those of you who watched the DVD The Secret and are struggling to obtain positive results, read this book. She shows you how to change your thoughts to align with what you really want whether more money, better relationships or a trimmer healthier body…Become a master of Ginny’s book and you will change your life!”


“If you have been practicing the Law of Attraction for years or if you are brand new and want to see what it is all about READ THIS BOOK!”
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