New Year 2016

I like to ask questions that make you think about who you are. It is one of my favourite ways to communicate with the people around me. My friends and family expect it now, but I still get some fun surprised faces and hesitant responses from individuals whom I just meet. Last week I was speaking to a waiter, and after he told me his name, I asked him if he loved being a waiter. He paused, and then his face lit up and he responded, “it’s okay, but I really love to travel and take pictures!” Amazing! I love to ask people if they love what they do. I am so passionate about people learning about themselves, about what is under the surface and what fuels and feeds the soul of each individual. It is a constantly evolving journey, this whole figuring out the self, but so magical.
I believe there is some powerful momentum and energy that is generated around the end of the year and beginning of a new one, and we can leverage this global energy to propel our expansion, growth and happiness forward to new levels for ourselves.
So what the perfect time to ask those self reflective questions, right? Leverage this energy of newness and change and set a vibrational intention for 2016. Most of us intellectually understand the laws of the universe and how everything is vibration. We know that setting physical world resolutions/goals isn’t always the best way to get what we want, because it’s not actually the goal or thing that we want, it is how we think it will make us feel when we have it. It’s all about the vibration of the feeling. So…a much more powerful way to create the life we want, with the stuff we want, is to place our focus on what it feels like to already be there. Also called beingness. Ask yourself who do I want to BE in 2016? The person who is in love, the person who is rich, the person who takes adventures, the person who is open, the person who is fit, the person who lives fully, the person who transforms, the person who cherishes what is.

You get to choose anything you want to be!

Carve out some sacred time for you around the new year to contemplate and clarify who you want to be throughout this next phase of your experience. Here are a few questions you can start with:

What kind of person do I desire to be in this world?
What do I want to experience more of?
How does this person feel living their life?
What kind of routines does this person have?
What does the day of this kind of person look like?

The law of attraction responds to your most consistent emotion, and so when you step into the identity of this person you want to be, and you begin to consistently feel like this person, the universe will move mountains to show you evidence of this new reality. There are no limits to what is possible. So tell me, what kind of person do you want to be?…and lets make it happen for 2016! Actually write down your answers in a journal or on your computer somewhere, because for fun, I might just ask you in 6 months how you are doing 😉

Let this email be your warning that I have loads more of these amazing self-reflective questions for you coming in 2016 – May you find and experience more Openness, Love and Freedom this year than ever before! I am so very appreciative to be able to share part of me with you and co-create in this experience together.

Happy NEW Year!

With Lots and Lots of Fun Love,

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