The Power in Your Focus

The Power in Your Focus

The Power in Your Focus

Have you heard of Louise Hay’s book called Heal Your Body? She is an amazing leader in using your thoughts to change your reality – this book specifically focused on how to heal your body with affirmations. She talks about how each physical condition that shows up in our life is correlated to a specific emotional struggle within you. From my understanding of vibration as well as personal experience I am sold on this as a fact.

Which obviously means every time I notice something come up in my life, a shoulder pain, sore throat or eye infection, I turn swiftly to that list to see what emotions I’m not acknowledging. (Here is a version of that list if you get curious)

Yesterday I was telling my girlfriend how I had manifested this new condition and I looked it up and it was related to not liking one’s self. She responded “That’s crazy, you never have self demeaning thoughts.”

This is someone that lives in very close proximity to me, is familiar with a variety of my emotional states and still has the perspective that I love myself fully and unconditionally. Firstly, I love that she thinks that, but secondly, that is not the truth. Of course I have thoughts against myself, I am human.

Which is what brought me to this share…

I think one of the barriers that stops people from making change or going after what they want is this idea that the people out there living the dream, happy and successful are somehow different from you and me. Something inside of us says “I can’t do that because I’m not like that.”

The woman who is always in love, the artist that make loads of money and is known all over the world, the movie star, the author, the speaker, the successful business owner, and we think “well I’m just not like that.”

Of course you’re not…yet!

Being like “that” (beingness) is a learned and practiced state. We don’t pop out of the womb ready to be the lover, traveler, mother or thriving artist, we become that. And everything that comes with the journey of becoming “that” is learned through experience.

You get the life you dream of by becoming the person that lives that life.

Beingness is created through focused energy and you have the power and ability to become anything you can imagine. For real. Take it from Einstein who said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.”

The first step to creating what you want in your life is giving yourself permission to want what you want. That thing that seems impossible, is not. It only requires consistent focus.

Coming back to my conversation yesterday and realizing that some people might see me excited, happy about life, doing what I love and feel this element of separation. I want you to know, the only difference between my feeling positive most of the time and someone feeling frustrated and full of struggle most of the time, is I have spent years training myself which thoughts to give more focus and attention to. That’s it.

I know, through experience, the results that show up in my life when I allow myself to entertain different thoughts. I am where I am, doing what I love, because I have focused this current beingness into reality.

And that focus is a learned skill, accessible and available to anyone. One of the women that just started working with me Monday, reported a huge opening and releasing of resistance…by changing one thought focus. This is the power of focus, and is the foundation of the process that all my clients move through to change their life.

Different people have different experiences because of what they are focusing on the majority of their days. The truth is we are all connected at our core being, there is no separation and how we live this life is up to each individual.