Small Smiles, Big Change

So many times in our days, we hurry along, caught up in doing whatever we are doing and absorbed in our own little world. And then these small little occurrences happen to slow us down and bring us back to what is really important and real. This is what happened for me.
On Sunday afternoons I play in a women’s Rec basketball league, its great fun! Last week after the game, one of the referees came up to me and said he thinks he remembers reefing me when I was in high school. I replied that it was very possible because I went to high school in this same city. His next comment was “Yes, I remember you because of your laugh and smile on the court.” I thought wow that is one of the best compliments someone could give me, and I was so grateful he expressed it to me. It made me realize that people notice and remember when you smile.
It was just the next day as I was done my grocery shopping and searching for which checkout had the shortest line and a cashier waved at me to let me know she was open. I smiled at her and thought oh perfect and walked right up. I said hi and the first thing she said to me was “wow you are the only one that smiled at me all day when I waved at them.” And once again I was reminded of the power of a small smile. Who have you smiled at today?
Small things make a big difference in this world… 


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