When your spouse drives you nuts!

“She’s the love of my life, but I can’t stand being with her.”

That was Natalie on the phone with me, four months ago. 

Natalie has always been super positive. BUT… she likes getting her way. And in her marriage to Janice, that was not happening. 

She wanted to redo the garage. But Janice didn’t. 

She wanted to invest in another property. But Janice?… not interested. 

And so it went… for over 3 years. 

Natalie was feeling trapped. 

She needed a break. 

So she initiated a separation and Janice moved out. 

When we started working together, Natalie didn’t know much about the Law of Attraction. She just knew something had to change. 

So where do you think we started?

I coached Natalie about taking responsibility for her feelings. Because she was blaming Janice for… well, almost everything!

Natalie started to see her pattern…

She wanted something.

Janice didn’t.

Natalie got resentful. 

She was stuck in a vicious cycle and her freedom was gone.  

Because every time you blame, you give your power away. 

And where there’s blame, a relationship can’t thrive. 

But Natalie practiced owning her desires and feelings, and things started changing… drastically! 

And it didn’t take long. 

She started spending time with Janice. 

The two began enjoying each other again. 

They had fun exploring and going on dates!

Natalie ditched the need for Janice to act a certain way. She just let Janice be Janice.

And Natalie started asking for what she wanted. And acting on it. 

She took on that garage project. And Janice loved how it turned out!

Instead of saying… 

“We have to do this. And this is the only way to do it.” 

She learned to say… 

“This is important to me.” 

It was less about forcing her agenda, and more about being in alignment.

Natalie realized she can have what she wants. And so can Janice. 

It doesn’t have to be a battle. 

Or a “you win, I lose.”

It can be a win-win.

That’s alignment, baby!

And guess what?

Janice moved back in. 

They just closed on a new house in Washington. 

And they’re excited about their future together. 

So is there something or someone getting in the way of what YOU want?

Go on a blame-finding mission. 

If you’ve got blame… you gotta ditch it, sister!

When you take full responsibility, the only person who can stop you from getting what you want… is you!




The most important LOA lesson there is

Janette was a product marketer for Adidas.

It was a dream job! Janette got to be creative and make a real impact.

But as the years wore on, Janette witnessed lots of drama in upper management and a demanding, strenuous work culture. 

And she leaned in hard. She reacted the only way she knew how… by meeting stress with more stress. 

Janette became so overwhelmed that she had to take a 3-month mental health break. 

Her first week off, her appendix burst, and she was rushed into emergency surgery!

But it actually wasn’t totally the job.

It was Janette too.

She was a people pleaser… an extreme one. 

She took on loads of responsibility she didn’t need to… like the happiness of her co-workers and success of her whole department. 

And what happened?

Her anxiety created a serious physical condition… her body’s way of forcing her to stop. 

She had her wake-up call.

So she called me for coaching.

When we first spoke Janette was anxious about going back to work, even though that was months away. 

I told her, “we’ll get there when we get there.”

I guided her to make Janette the top priority… taking care of herself and putting alignment first.

So she eased into this new way of living. 

She started meditating. 

And reading. 

Doing home projects around the house with joy. 

She got out into nature – paddle boarding and camping. 

She enjoyed her life. And only did what she truly wanted to do.

If she didn’t feel like going out with friends, she didn’t go. (When she previously would’ve felt the peer pressure to go, even if she wasn’t up for it).

She repeatedly practiced LOA by consistently getting into alignment with her authentic self.

By the time her leave was winding down, she felt 100% different. 

And she looked ahead to work from a place of curiosity and trust… not fear. So of course I wasn’t surprised when…

… two weeks before her leave ended, she was offered a totally new position…

A strategy role on a tech team… in a whole new department!. 

The Universe reached out, and offered Janette a reset.

She’s able to bring her new vibration to this brand new group and job. She’s now a few weeks in, and it’s amazing. 


The job is different because Janette is different.

Now she’s setting boundaries. 

She’s letting go of responsibility for other people. 

She’s not taking on more than she needs to. 

This is THE most important Law of Attraction lesson we all need to learn…

We’re only responsible for what we can control… which is how we FEEL.

Whenever we try and do otherwise… we’ll go crazy. 

It’s simply not our job. 

(And as in Janette’s case, if you try and control what you shouldn’t… your body might shut down to make you listen). 

What about you… is your body sending you any signals that you need to pay attention to?

Slow down and listen. 


Romance in the time of Covid

Erin has been ready for love… for a while. 

For the past year she’s been compulsively “working” to find her match. 

It’s been a rollercoaster. 

She’s tried to make Mr. Right show up, and after tons of dating and putting herself out there, nothing happens. 

So she’s had to let it go, because it’s too overwhelming to bother with. 

And the cycle repeats. 

When I spoke with Erin a couple of months ago, she was more frustrated than ever. 

“How am I going to meet someone in a pandemic?”

Even when she wasn’t actively on the dating scene, she was thinking about it nonstop. 

And as we know, where our attention goes, the energy flows. 

She was fixated on the lack of a partner… what she didn’t have. So she was just creating more lack. More angst. More disappointment. 

So guess what I counseled Erin to do?

Forget about it!

Well, not so much “forget,” but I guided her to focus on something else.

So Erin started to align with what felt good. She was in the middle of coach training for her new business, so she poured her energy into her professional development.

She stopped worrying nonstop about how she was going to manifest her life partner. 

She only logged onto her dating apps when she felt totally inspired. 

And low and behold, I checked in with Erin a few weeks ago, and she’s been seeing a fantastic guy for a month!

In fact, one of their first hang-outs was so comfortable that they ended up doing errands together! 

Erin is definitely approaching it differently this time around. 

She’s staying present. 

She’s not trying to plan her entire future with this guy. 

She’s enjoying this new gift. 

Can you see why “letting go” wasn’t working for Erin?

Because when you actually release your hold on something, you free up your energy. You’re able to appreciate what’s working, what’s good, and what’s here now. 

And that’s where the magic can really happen. 


So how do you know when it’s time to refocus your attention on something else?


Picture the thing you desire most right now…

How does it feel?

Not great? 

Then it’s time to stop thinking about it. Choose something else to focus on. 

Only when you truly FEEL good about your dream will it start to take shape. 


Don’t worry, manifest money!

My client Traci had just quit her job as a home loan processor to pursue her real passion… becoming an energetic healing coach. 

She was overjoyed with all her new free time to build her business, lay by the pool and ride horses!

She’d saved enough money to live off for a while. But a few months passed…

And she didn’t have any clients. 

So she started to freak out about money. She was burning through her savings and soon she’d be in the red. 

When we spoke, Traci was pretty stressed. 

So we got down to some key questions. I asked her:


“How do you want to feel about money right now?”

“Are you willing to feel that way independent of the condition?”

“What if the universe has something different in store for you than you are planning?”


I coached her how to trust her feelings, and really practice believing that things would work out for her.  

Traci had to open up to new possibilities, and she decided to tune into her abundance. She let go of worrying about how exactly the cash would show up. 


She got a call out of nowhere!

It was a job offer for a loan processor position (what she was already an expert in). 

The job was…easy! 

AND… the salary was by far more money than she’d ever made. 

Traci could hardly believe it. 

And this time around, she was actually excited about the work, her team, and the opportunities this new company had available. 

The offer came at the perfect time, and allowed Traci to earn easy big money, and now with the financial pressure off…

Coaching clients are naturally flocking to her (3 new folks last week alone!).

When we’re in a bind (especially with money), we often do what Traci did… freak out!

But worry is counterproductive. 

Agonizing over your bank account will get you nowhere. 

But when you get into alignment and trust?

That’s money!

There is literally no way that Traci could have found the job that was offered to her. It wasn’t posted anywhere. 

The job landed in her lap because of the alignment work she did.

And I want to encourage you to do what Traci ended up doing…

Ask yourself how you want to feel. 

And trust your alignment.



The Battle of the “How”

The first time Cassie Parks and I connected, somebody on the line said, “there shouldn’t be this much laughing.”

It was 2013, and we were both getting our Law of Attraction coaching certification. We were paired up for a practice coaching exercise, and Cassie and I immediately clicked. 

So much that the moderator wanted us to tone down all the chuckling!

After our training, Cassie approached me with an idea…

“How would you feel about doing a podcast together?”

I was a little baffled. 

ME: “What does that even mean?” 

CASSIE: “We could talk about the Law of Attraction.”

I was definitely intrigued by the idea. But…

Could I think of enough to say for 30 minutes straight?

What would people think of me?

Who was I to host a podcast??

I’d started my coaching two years prior, and was struggling to land new clients. 

I really wanted to grow my business, and all the experts were saying, “post to social media every day and do Facebook Lives.” 

But I had ZERO interest in doing so many posts or Facebook Lives. That just didn’t feel fun to me. 

But you know what did feel like fun? 

Doing a podcast with Cassie!

Though I was pretty nervous, I was excited about regularly getting together with Cassie and talking all about our favourite subject – LOA!

I also wanted to step into becoming the person who I wanted to BE – an example, a leader. 

It felt like a new adventure, and I was game. 

So we started recording, and what do you know? I started getting new clients… from the podcast. 

People would follow up with me to learn how to put the Law of Attraction into practice. 

My coaching career took off. 

These days, whenever I want to expand my business, and ask, “HOW can I grow?”, I go way off track. 

Because when we focus on the “how,” we’re telling the Universe that WE want to be in control.

And that’s not how it works! 

The “how” is all about the ego, the limited mind. 

I had to laugh out loud when I heard Abraham say this…


“Imagine if humans were in charge of keeping the sun and earth spinning in orbit? Can you imagine what that would look like and how much it would be over thought?”


So much of the goodness in our lives is naturally orchestrated for us. You need to allow, release, and let the magic unfold like a gift. 

You get to be the sun shining in its orbit, letting the universe take care of where you’re going.

Cassie and I still crack up together every week on our podcast, Manifest it Now.

CLICK HERE to listen to this week’s episode, and learn how not to “how it”, and how to be guided by inspiration instead! (That’s a lot of “how’s”!)



Manifesting at 30,000 feet

Just last week Constance was about 33,000 feet high up in the air – and feeling a little down. 

She was flying from Ireland to London for a creative writing program. 

She’d been dreaming about motoring around London in a luxury car, like a BMW or Mercedes. But when it came time to book the rental car, those options were way too pricey. 

So she went with a basic stick shift that came with good insurance. At least she was covered on that front. But she wasn’t exactly excited about it. 

So when she found herself staring out the plane window, six miles above ground, she thought, “I want a really nice car. One with a decent engine size, an automatic transmission, and just an overall classy ride!”

So she asked the Universe to deliver her an amazing upgrade.

When she arrived at the car rental office, the rep said to her, “We just got some brand new Mercedes S-Class cars in. They normally cost £60 but we’re running a special and only charging £50 extra. But tonight I want to offer it to you for just £20 more. Oh, and it’s Automatic.”

As you can guess, Constance said, “HELL YES!” 

One of the keys to her manifesting success is that Constance wasn’t obsessing about the upgrade for her whole flight and worrying about whether or not it would happen. 

She requested it, and then released it. 

In order to get what you want, you’ve got to stay connected to your desire, and then trust the Universe. 

Stay open to how things will unfold. After all, that’s the magical part! 



Truth From the Heart

There are a few people close to me going through some significant life transitions right now; trying to get pregnant, processing a diagnosis, letting go of a relationship and grieving a sudden loss.

When we are in these spaces, it’s habitual to spend a lot of time thinking about everything and trying to figure out the answer. We can think and spin circles and spend weeks, months or years trying to understand – Why did this happen? Where did I go wrong? What is going to happen? How does this work? What should I do?

All of these questions arise with the intention of finding clarity, right? That intellectual understanding somehow allows our monkey mind to rest, so we spend all of our precious thought energy searching and seeking to find the answer. But we never do because the real answer is not there.

You will never be able to think your way to the true solution, because truth does not come from the mind. Truth is only known through our heart.



You see, whatever the energy is that instructs a rose to bloom, seasons to exist and new life to be created, happens without our conscious energy or attention to it. This is the same energy that organizes our universe and the same energy that flows to and through you in every moment.


This is the energy of truth and the quickest way to truly understand the answers to all of those questions you are asking yourself, is to surrender to it. Let go of trying to find the solution, release the struggle and trust in this divine energy to guide your next step.

For now, every time you catch yourself spinning, just stop and say “I’m letting go of figuring it out this red hot minute, and handing it over to you universe.”

Yes this is easy to talk about and more challenging to apply in your life, but learning and experiencing this concept of surrender will change your life. You will begin to open up the energetic space to receive. To receive guidance, inspirations, ideas, actions, abundance, love, fun, peace, clarity. It all starts with your decision to let go of control.



Practice WORKS!

A few hours ago I got off the phone with the women in my mentorship group and I always love our time together, but today felt extra awesome! Each one of the women shared a real life manifestation that happened for them in the past week.

  • An invitation to be a regular guest blogger and share her message
  • Recognition of her great work from senior staff in the company
  • A whole morning getting paid to do what she loves
  • A gallery asking and eager to represent her artwork

The best part is…they were all specific experiences they had been deliberately practicing in the past months!

They got clear about a desire and literally practiced it into being.




Last week I was speaking with one of my clients about how consistently working through the process is literally re-training the neural pathways in his brain.


It is a combination of all the practiced thoughts that creates your personal “neuro-net” in the brain, which is what you create and experience and your reality through. He is a runner, so I explained it using the example of running.


What if you are a runner? You have been running your whole life, going along fine, and then you realize a desire to run a 1/2 marathon. This is like you going through life, thinking whatever you are thinking without much awareness and then one day realizing you would like to experience more passion in your life.


You do some research and realize to run easier and more efficiently there are changes you need to make to your running stride, so you hire a running coach to help you adjust your technique and more easily reach your goal. The same as you research and realize the role mindset plays in life and that there are certain changes you could make in your thinking that would help you experience more passion, so you hire a mindset coach to help you create a more passionate life.


Your running coach wants you to shorten your stride, gives you exercises to start practicing and works with you to modify slight techniques as you move. Your mindset coach guides you to activate the appropriate vibration, gives you exercises to start practicing and works with you to fine tune the vibration as you progress.


Those first few weeks, you want to keep going back to your old stride, it’s easier and way more comfortable – seriously has anyone ever tried to change their gait after decades of practicing one way? It is challenging. And you know what’s more challenging? Changing the thought patterns in your mind. You have practiced those thousands of times a day over all the decades of your life.


But if you want to experience something different in your life, you must adjust your mindset and thought patterns about it. It is 100% possible, the examples from the women above are proof.


Practice, adjust. Practice, fine tune.


This is the process of learning anything new. Training your mind is a skill, and like learning a new way of running, it takes practice. Lots of it.


All of these women started their journey with LOA Skills Camp, so if you want help creating a new reality, and someone to guide and fine tune your practice – check it out here!


If in the future, you find yourself getting frustrated or questioning why you aren’t “there” yet, come back to your practice and put your focus and energy there, with the knowing that consistent practice works!

The Power in Your Focus

Have you heard of Louise Hay’s book called Heal Your Body? She is an amazing leader in using your thoughts to change your reality – this book specifically focused on how to heal your body with affirmations. She talks about how each physical condition that shows up in our life is correlated to a specific emotional struggle within you. From my understanding of vibration as well as personal experience I am sold on this as a fact.


Which obviously means every time I notice something come up in my life, a shoulder pain, sore throat or eye infection, I turn swiftly to that list to see what emotions I’m not acknowledging. (Here is a version of that list if you get curious)


Yesterday I was telling my girlfriend how I had manifested this new condition and I looked it up and it was related to not liking one’s self. She responded “That’s crazy, you never have self demeaning thoughts.”


This is someone that lives in very close proximity to me, is familiar with a variety of my emotional states and still has the perspective that I love myself fully and unconditionally. Firstly, I love that she thinks that, but secondly, that is not the truth. Of course I have thoughts against myself, I am human.


Which is what brought me to this share…


I think one of the barriers that stops people from making change or going after what they want is this idea that the people out there living the dream, happy and successful are somehow different from you and me. Something inside of us says “I can’t do that because I’m not like that.”


The woman who is always in love, the artist that make loads of money and is known all over the world, the movie star, the author, the speaker, the successful business owner, and we think “well I’m just not like that.”

Of course you’re not…yet!


Being like “that” (beingness) is a learned and practiced state. We don’t pop out of the womb ready to be the lover, traveler, mother or thriving artist, we become that. And everything that comes with the journey of becoming “that” is learned through experience.

You get the life you dream of by becoming the person that lives that life.


Beingness is created through focused energy and you have the power and ability to become anything you can imagine. For real. Take it from Einstein who said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.”


The first step to creating what you want in your life is giving yourself permission to want what you want. That thing that seems impossible, is not. It only requires consistent focus.


Coming back to my conversation yesterday and realizing that some people might see me excited, happy about life, doing what I love and feel this element of separation. I want you to know, the only difference between my feeling positive most of the time and someone feeling frustrated and full of struggle most of the time, is I have spent years training myself which thoughts to give more focus and attention to. That’s it.


I know, through experience, the results that show up in my life when I allow myself to entertain different thoughts. I am where I am, doing what I love, because I have focused this current beingness into reality.


And that focus is a learned skill, accessible and available to anyone. One of the women that just started working with me Monday, reported a huge opening and releasing of resistance…by changing one thought focus. This is the power of focus, and is the foundation of the process that all my clients move through to change their life.


Different people have different experiences because of what they are focusing on the majority of their days. The truth is we are all connected at our core being, there is no separation and how we live this life is up to each individual.


Become The Deliberate Creator of Your Life

You know I talk a lot about Deliberate Creation…it’s kinda my thing, but even though this is the main subject of my days, sometimes I have to remind myself about the Deliberate part.


You see, we are all creators of our life (whether you are aware of it or not) because the Law of Attraction is always responding to the energy we put out, but the fun part comes in when we realize the power we have to deliberately effect our life. We learn that we can control what we put out by what we focus on and then we start to experience more conditions that please us.


Have you ever asked yourself the question – “How am I supposed to focus on something different when reality is so obviously blaring me in the face? I can’t NOT focus on the fact I can’t pay my bills, I can’t not notice the pain in my back or that my partner is so negative, it’s my reality.”


And you are right. The pain in your life is real and present. It is there, the question is, what is your emotional response to it? IF you choose a response based on your current reality, then your emotional response will come from a place of fear, but…

How can you move beyond your current reality if all of your attention is on what IS?

If what IS has your undivided attention, then you are not a deliberate creator. You are still the creator of your life, but you are a reactive creator, a responsive creator…you are creating your life by default.And this is how most people live their lives, going around, observing reality, having an unconscious reaction to it and automatically creating from that response. But when you understand you have the power choose an emotional response, you now have the ability to move beyond your current reality and create something different.


So How Do You Become More Deliberate?


1) The first step in becoming more deliberate is about Awareness. The moment you catch yourself feeling an unwanted emotion, Stop. Just stop whatever is going on, stop all the thinking in the mind and say “Look at that, I am experiencing incredible frustration because that idiot in front of me keeps slamming on his breaks.” (This is the critical shifting point because the vibe hasn’t built up too much momentum).


2) Allow It To Be Ok. The moment you stop fighting what IS and allow it to be, you will release resistance and open your energy up to receive something more. “It’s ok, I can just let this be ok for now, it’s not like I have to follow him forever.” A better feeling, a new idea or perspective will be attracted to this feeling of relief that you have deliberately chose to feel, and it continues to spiral up from there.


3) The most powerful tool you have access to at any time in your life, is your ability to focus. Training your focus and ultimately managing your vibration takes practice, but it develops with each moment that you are conscious of it. It is easier to train your focus doing something that bring you joy, so start developing your awareness of your emotions during your favourite sport or hobby. “Oh look at me being so peaceful on my walk,” or “Hey I’m noticing how excited I am to play this game.”

As always, have FUN with it!

If you are simply here to experience the high vibing tribe, feel the loads of appreciation coming your way and rock on your day!


And if you are someone looking for more support in learning to be deliberate check out [LOA Skills Camp] It is about transformation. I will be mentoring you through a process to become the conscious deliberate creator of your life. It is about you becoming more you, and fully living your truth.


Become the inspired deliberate creator of your life and Live Your Truth.