Alignment with the Click of a Button


It so happens I have a girlfriend who is somewhat of a genius in the graphic design world. Yesterday we were working on a design project, and when I say ‘we’ I mean I was watching her work her magic while doing a very good job of staying quiet…most of the time.  Not the  brightest idea to break the concentrated flow of an artist, or anyone for that matter.


The project was starting to look like an actual image and she stops and casually says to me “Its all about Alignment.” I immediately got excited and said “I KNOW!…do you realize what you just said?” She’s pretty familiar with the work

alignment with the click of a button, law of attractionI do in coaching, and after a quick ponder I saw the lights go on, Ah-ha! So cool how two totally different “worlds” the design world and the loa coaching world, are both all about alignment.


We know that in the physical world, in order for us to manifest what we desire, there needs to be an alignment of energies first…meaning you need to be on the same feeling level as that of your desire.


A few moments passed as she continued to work, and then as a little grin grew on her face, she commented “Yah but I can get alignment with a click of a button.” Touche. This then made me think and start to imagine, what if we could get alignment with a click of a button or the snap of our fingers? There certainly would be a whole lot of instant manifestation going on!! Is that what we would want? It does seem like it most of the time.


I love how if we want something, we can get it. But I do want to highlight here that there is a certain sweetness of the journey to the desire. It is the up and down moments, the effort and the personal realizations that give the end result so much more juice. I remember clearly, winning a provincial championship with a team, and having been through hours of training, exercises, skill building, strategy planning, and really putting every last bit of energy into that Gold medal game…now that felt Good! If we had just won without putting energy and effort and part of our hearts into that game, I can guarantee you it would not have felt as satisfying. When you are working on a project or building a business, if all you had to do was press a button and its done, would it really be that exciting, valued or important to you?


Although finding alignment with a click of a button is amazing for the design world, I challenge all of you to relax a little, knowing that what you want IS coming to you, and play with and have some fun creating alignment with your next desire.




Striving vs Surrendering


What is the balance between Striving for our desires and Surrendering to allow them to flow to us?


To Strive: From one tried and tested point of view, we are taught from leaders to always be working towards something, to have a clear goal and vision and the more we want it and the harder we try to get there, the better!


To Surrender: Another popular and proven technique teaches that in order for anything to come into our experience we must release the “trying” attitude and find the “allowing” vibe if we want it to flow easily into our experience.


So which is it? Well both work. But I believe they work best in a balance together.

striving vs surrendering, law of attraction

Surrender + Strive = A deliberate creators sweet spot


I believe that we are energy that, by nature, are constantly expanding and that expansion is expressed through our new desires. It feels great to want, dream and imagine about a wide variety of things, right? If you answered yes, then you are successfully practicing one of the greatest deliberate creation techniques: Allowing yourself to Feel Good wanting something. And that my friends is the key to the striving half of the equation – Strive for it…only if it feels good to do so!


If you starting thinking about something that you want, and it feels too far out of reach, maybe unattainable or not realistic and causes you more stress than excitement – pass on that thought for now. I’m not saying pass on the desire completely, because I know you can Be, Do or Have anything you desire, just give it a little time, and wait until you are in a place of greater belief, and you will find the feel good about it.


Okay so we figured out ½ of the equation, but what about surrendering? How much of it do we let go of so the UNIVERSE can work its magic, and how much do WE take care of?


According to the law of attraction, it is true that if we go through our days feeling like “we aren’t there yet” or “we don’t have it yet” and always putting out that wanting vibe, then the universe will provide back more evidence to support the not having of it. This is where the surrendering part of the equation comes in. If we can let go of and surrender the attachment to the outcome, things will begin to flow much easier for us. Start practicing what it feels like to have what you want now, and the universe MUST respond to provide you with evidence to support what you are putting out there. Our only work is to Feel Good in the wanting of it, and practice that feeling of having it…know that it actually already IS.


Feel Good when you think about what you want



Letting Go of it actually happening or not, instead taking on the attitude as if it has already happened



It WILL manifest for you without you even realizing it happened



universe law of attraction deliberate creation
What are you looking for?

Yesterday I was mindlessly killing time in a bit of a confused and wandering life mood (you know when something doesn’t feel quite right, but you don’t know what it is).


I was flipping through Facebook…Boring.

Looking at photos on my phone…still Boring.


So I opened the Kijiji app to browse and there staring me right in the face printed in the search box, like the universe was speaking very loudly and somewhat frustrated at me…”WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?” Bammo! And I said right out loud, “well that’s a good question, what am I looking for?” 


Obviously the universe was confused and needed some clarification from me about what to bring into my experience. Can you imagine all the mixed messages it gets all the time from us? “Oh I would love to own that car” = universe lines it up, and then we think “Probably can’t afford it though” = universe holds it away, then “It would be so fun to drive,” = lining up“But imagine how much the fuel would cost” = holding awayI feel like if the universe had an attitude, it would be saying to us all the time “Make up your freaking mind!!”  Luckily for us, it simply answers with no judgement, always responding to our most dominant vibration. 


Have you checked-in with your dominant vibration lately? What are you putting out there, and is it what you want to bring in? So here is just a gentle reminder that there is a force out there much greater than all of us, yet within us all the same, that is always listening and answering to whatever it is we are asking. Let us make a conscious effort to be a little less confusing to the universe, making its job slightly easier, and allowing ourselves to consistently want what we want! 



“Ideal Day” Creativity


I keep being surprised that I am actually living my “Ideal Day” – It’s so Amazing! I have been using a manifestation technique lately where you write down what you would want your perfect day to look and feel like (totally okay to have many different perfect days) and twice now, it has happened where I have caught myself in the middle of my day and realized, Holy Sh*t, I am here, I am living my ideal day, right now!


Just to clarify, the day that I wrote down on paper, is not exactly to the specs of the day I am experiencing now, but there is more than enough evidence to know that I, did indeed create this day with my thoughts. The couple times that I wrote down about my “Ideal Day” it happened within the next two weeks – what great feedback from the universe to know that I have such low resistance in this area for it to have manifested so quickly. Very cool, and an energy I can totally bring into other areas of life.

deliberate creation made easy


One of my favourite parts about deliberate creation is how creative the universe gets in answering your desires! For example part of my ideal day involves having a puppy in my life and waking up to its unconditional loving energy, being so excited to pee (the pup), and then being able to take it out for a walk. Well, being slightly nomadic, I cannot see in the near future having my own dog, but as it turns out, I am an amazing dog sitter, and the opportunity comes up surprisingly often in my life (…well knowing that the law of attraction is always working, maybe not so surprisingly).


So although it wasn’t exactly as I planned in my mind, my morning did involve waking up with two pups and getting to take them outside, in the sunshine (sunshine is always part of my ideal days).


Well played universe…well played.


Have YOU ever thought of what one of your “Ideal Days” would look like?


The First Agreement for Deliberate Creators

4 agreements cover


I was reading Don Miguel Ruizʼs “The Four Agreements” this morning, for probably the 10th or so time, but for the first time I had a new concept pop out at me. You find it happens that way, right? You watch an old movie or read an old book again, but are still noticing things you had never seen before. For anyone who has not read this book, I would highly recommend it as a brilliant introduction into taking full responsibility for you in this life.


Coming from the background I do, and relating to the world through Law of Attraction principles – notice in this short passage from Ruizʼs book, the power and truth that exudes by simply changing one word…


“The First agreement is the most important one and also the most difficult to honor. It is so important that with just this first agreement you will be able to transcend to the level of existence I call heaven on earth.


The first agreement is To Be Impeccable with Your Thought. It sounds very simple, but is very, very, powerful.


Why your thought? Your thought is the power that you have to create. Your thought is the gift that comes from God. Through thought, you express creative power. It is through thought that you manifest everything. Regardless of what language you speak, your intent manifests through the thought.


The thought is a force; it is the power you have to express and communicate, to think, and thereby to create the events in your life. You can think. What other animal on the planet can think? The thought is the most powerful tool you have as a human; it is the tool of magic. Depending on how it is used, the thought can set you free, or it can enslave you more than you know. All the magic you possess is based on your thought.”


Wow that is good sh*t! This passage can help remind us just how powerful we are. It is our thought that ultimately translates into physical reality, and we get to control our thought, amazing. So very grateful to Don Miguel Ruiz for being connected enough to let this wisdom flow through, and share his message and truth with the world.


Flip It!

pancake photo


Like a pancake…you can Flip your Vibe!


I received an upsetting email yesterday (one of those emails that just makes you want to cry and reach for the chocolate stash), where my emotional reaction went instantly to a place of hurt and then anger. This is not a common state for me to be in and uggh..it felt so uncomfortable!


One of the upsetting parts to me was that I was in such a great flowing place and I was about to set aside some time for productive writing when BAM, the universe throws this big lump of contrast my way. Now I wasn’t feeling good AND I wasn’t getting what I wanted done. Stuck. From here I reminded myself what many Guruʼs teach, that we can only offer good and love to the world, when we first feel good and love within ourselves.


So it was time to turn the focus back on my relationship with myself, practice what I preach, and move up the emotional scale.


There were definitely no good thoughts within reach about the issue at hand, so I distracted myself (fun loa technique) with some event planning, and then about an hour later, felt the need to respond to the email. I started writing my feelings, which I must say, began with a whole lot more attitude than I really wanted to share, but eventually they calmed down, I moved through the primal ego response and I found my way back into the vortex. From this place of connection, I was able to offer a vibration to the situation that was more focused on the solution than continuing along the downward spiral of blame.


I was typing along and, because I use LOA to explain basically everything in life, I suddenly stopped mid sentence and realized…I AM WRITING! Which made me even more happy. I am doing exactly what I intended to do, deliberately flipping my vibe around AND doing productive writing. It amazes me how mysterious and sneaky the Law of Attraction can seem sometimes.


It is such a perfect reminder how we are solely responsible for how we feel at any given time & we Always get to CHOOSE that feeling. The universe consistently responds to our dominant vibration, we just have to Flip It and go with the Flow!


Etch A Sketch Your Life

Etch a Sketch


Telling good stories, I believe, is a true art form. I work with a client who is exceptional at making an everyday occurrence seem exciting, and boy does he love to tell stories. His most recent one started with “So you remember that toy, the Etch A Sketch?” I obviously do yes, but as he continued on his story I have to admit I semi tuned him out (sorry if you are reading this 😉 …only because I couldnʼt stop thinking about how ʻstoriesʼ and ʻEtch A Sketchʼ go so perfect together!


What I mean by this is, what we tell ourselves about who we are, how our life is, all of this internal dialogue makes up “our personal stories” about our life. This may seem insignificant, but as we know our thoughts create our reality, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” – Buddha and the stories we tell ourselves about what is true, shapes how our life turns out. We are the only ones that get to live in our heads and therefore we get to make up our own story, tell it enough so that we believe it, and therefore create it in our physical experience or what is manifested in our life.


There is no exception to the universal Law of Attraction – what we believe to be true, and what is true, will always be a match.


Sometimes we tell negative stories we arenʼt even aware of, like “oh itʼs so hard for me to loose weight” or “I always get the red lights” or “I never have any time.” And sometimes we tell positive stories we arenʼt aware of, like “Iʼm usually pretty lucky,” or “I can always find a good parking spot,” or “its easy for me to talk to people.”


Back to the drawing board…or Etch A Sketch. As Iʼm sure you can see where Iʼm headed with this, if we want to change something in our life, start changing the way you are talking about it, or telling the story. Like the simplicity of an Etch A Sketch, we can simply shake it up, the old story or image disappears and we have a brand new clean slate for creating a new image or story…exactly the way we want it to be…you just have to play with the knobs ;).


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth.” – Rumi


Take note next time you are internally talking to yourself (we all do it) and notice what stories you are telling yourself about your life. Gaining conscious awareness is key, and from there its as simple as deciding whether you want that story to be true for you. If you do, keep it, if you donʼt shake it up and re-create a new one.


Happy Sketching!


Living Your Truth

Woohoo! Welcome to my first official blog post, this is going to be so much fun, and I hope you play along and co-create with some comments whenever you want to.


What does it mean to you to be “Living Your Truth?” To me it means firstly knowing yourself, trusting your intuition, knowing what feels good to you and what doesnʼt, and honouring your own values. Following your own heart and inner guidance and being the individual in this world that you want to be.


From my experience I have found that most individuals limit themselves in what they dare to dream or want for their life. Whether we realize it or not, most of us are conditioned to want only what we believe we can have or achieve. Maybe you remember as a kid, wanting to be an astronaut or a professional athlete, but as you grew older and people told you ʻhow much competition is out thereʼ and ʻyou have to be really good to get thereʼ, doubts started to fill your mind, and you maybe just let that aspiration go. Well what do you think makes the difference between you and them? We are all made up of the same stuff. There are tons of professional athletes and astronauts out there, and they started out the same way as you and I…with a desire.


There are endless amounts of quotes from wise teachers and enlightened beings, that after living a long life, share that one of the “secrets” lies in having the Belief that you can accomplish something. Anything in fact.


“What the mind can dream, and come to believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill
“Whether you think you can or you cant, youʼre right” – Henry Ford
“I think, therefore, I am” – René Descartes
“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it” – Zig Ziglar
“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward


And Abraham takes this concept all the way to the extreme by saying “the only reason people arenʼt growing extra limbs, is because they donʼt believe itʼs possible!”


So whatʼs the point here…Iʼm challenging you to start dreaming BIG! What do you really really want? Begin imagining, get out of “reality” and get really excited about it, simply love the experience of dreaming and playing around in your imagination, and start to imagine what it would look like to Live Your Truth!