Talk Less…Feel More

Talk less and feel more! Most recently I have experienced some incredible highs, like those 100% you know you are in the vortex, you can’t even describe how amazing you feel and how amazing life is! You know what I mean right? It happens a lot when you first fall in love 😉 Or when you are a deliberate creator like yourself and you just practice being in love with life!

So I get this feeling a lot in the car, mostly when it’s sunny outside and I’ve just had an inspiring client session and am then cruising along to great tunes. The other week one of my friends called me in the middle of this, and I was so excited and bursting at the seams to share my experience, but I just couldn’t put it into words. I kept saying “It’s simply beyond words.” Every week I speak with a client and together we practice reveling in all the good feelings and eventually get to the same vibrational level of “It feels so good, there are just no physical words to describe it.” And THAT is the whole point. The feeling is so much more real than the words. Our life on this planet is so much more about feeling than talking, but stop and think about how much time we spend talking versus being aware of what we are feeling.

We are here experiencing this physical reality and we do that only through our five senses. We were given senses so that we could feel. Feel our way through this life. Our whole experience of reality is based on the interaction betwenn the external world and our individual senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. It is our feelings and emotions in which we communicate with the universe AND how we truly leverage the power as deliberate creators!

Words can be limiting. Not only do you have the potential to FEEL more connectedness and depth than you do to describe it, but as I have recently come to understand, sometimes even the act of trying to describe the feeling, actually takes away from the in the moment feeling of it. Next time you are feeling really high and you just want to dance around and tell everyone about it, try sitting with it, revel in it, really go inside and feel how good it feels without trying to describe it. Vibrationally this adds so much power to the good feeling emotion and ultimately brings your desires to you with incredible ease.

If you want to be more deliberate, tap into your emotions, and pay attention to what you are feeling, and when. This week, practice being aware of your emotions, really feel what you are feeling. And just BE there with it.

You are a beautiful feeling being. Enjoy with hearts wide open!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”
– Helen Keller

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