Tears of What Is

Tears of what isMy Grandmother is dying. We call her Baba, which stems from the Ukraine, where she was born. It is an interesting emotion having someone you love leave this physical world. This is the first time since I have really been living an LOA life, and gently formed my own opinion of what death is, that anyone relatively close to me has transitioned. I don’t feel that death from this physical world is a bad or negative or sad thing at all. At the same time, I also believe it is a lot easier for me to feel this way, knowing that my Baba, being 89 years old, has lived what I would consider a sufficient time on this earth; experiencing lots of contrast and hopefully experiencing even more joy along the way. Although sometimes she seemed anxious and restless on the outside, it always felt like there was a bigger totally happy, peaceful and proud being on the inside, just smiling at me. I can actually feel her heart smiling when I am with her, and I know soon it will be when I think of her.


Although I completely accept the idea of her leaving this world and returning back to the bigger part of her, the source energy that makes us all one, I still want to cry. I’m not sure it is tears of sadness or tears of happiness, maybe it’s those tears that you cry when you become aware of the perfection and beauty of what is, and you just surrender. It is what it is. Understanding that as much as we have all the power in the world, we can also surrender to powers greater than us with full faith that all is well…because I truly feel it always is.


So heres to my Baba, one woman, one being, one soul on this physical earth who, through living 89 years, raising seven children and being all who she has been in this world, has ultimately been a little huge part of our expansion as a whole. I hold so much appreciation for her kindness softly infusing us all with a lot more love. I wonder where your next adventure will take you Baba. Big love Always.


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