Ginny, I wanted to reach out and give you thanks. At this point in my journey and reflecting back, this path is exactly what I have wanted and sought for a long time… or I should say your work has helped me remember (alignment). Your ‘down to earth’ delivery provides the tangible non-ethereal / non-abstract way of introduction. I am grateful for the guidance and the work you have put forth has served me in most positive ways. I enjoy your message thoroughly and look forward to what’s next. Simply…thank you!


Dr. Watson

Gin’s coaching styles are all about empowering the individual to live the life they were meant to. She teaches the Law of Attraction and how to open your mind to prepare yourself for the endlessness of which universe has to offer. After a session with Ginny, you’ll honestly feel as though you can accomplish anything. And after committing to Gin’s coaching tactics, you will accomplish everything.



Ginny is the first person I have met who really believes in and lives the Law of Attraction, and it is a joy to be around her. The coaching I received from her has helped me make the changes I wanted for my life become real and possible. She continues to encourage and keep me focused when I am finding it difficult. Ginny is compassionate and patient, never making me feel silly or a failure if I get off track. My life has been enriched by knowing Ginny.



Having a personal coach was one of the smartest decisions I have made. Making the time for self discovery and clarification of my perceptions, beliefs and goals has enhanced my enjoyment of life, and for me, the accountability was paramount to my success.



Ginny Gane is a light. She is razor sharp. Most of all she is a joy. Ginny has a unique ability to find ease in the most difficult situations. She is able to do the work of getting to the heart of the matter with such lightness it doesn’t seem work. As a coach, Ginny has an intimate knowledge of law of attraction and uses it masterfully with clients to help them get where they want to be, with their thoughts and in their lives.



Ginny’s coaching style is one of my personal favorites to have experienced: very LOA savvy, and casual/informal while at the same time very intimate. She’s a delight to work with and knows her manifesting stuff through and through. You’re in good hands with Ginny!