Told Ya!

law of attraction


My dad told me this great story about my childhood yesterday. We were driving to one of my soccer games, I was around 11, and my dad in the drivers seat, looks back through the rear view mirror and sees me sitting in the back with my eyes closed. He asks “Gin are you visualizing?” (well yes I was, thanks for the interruption). Since I was nine years old, I have been learning how to use the power of my mind and thoughts to create what I want, in this case it was a goal in my soccer game that day. I explained to him that I was going to be the one to take the kick off at the start of the game and score a goal right away. Traditionally this is not how goals are scored in soccer, and with this knowledge, his gentle response included, “well thats a long way and a lot of other players in between”…


I started the game by taking the centre kick off, kicked it down the field, ran through the other team chasing the ball and scored. Dad’s mouth dropped with shock! And then he laughed out loud. I love this story, as such a prime example of how our beliefs lead our way, and just because someone else doesn’t think it is possible, as long as you do, that is all that matters. Remembering this story makes me laugh and feel light about how easy deliberate creation can be if we allow it. My favourite part of the story comes after I scored. I don’t remember this, but apparently after the goal, I ran back along the sidelines by my parents and said “Told Ya!” I was a cheeky little bugger, but its kinda fun to rub it in when no one else believes you can do it. And you CAN do it! You simply have to know it first. 


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