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What are you looking for?

Yesterday I was mindlessly killing time in a bit of a confused and wandering life mood (you know when something doesn’t feel quite right, but you don’t know what it is).


I was flipping through Facebook…Boring.

Looking at photos on my phone…still Boring.


So I opened the Kijiji app to browse and there staring me right in the face printed in the search box, like the universe was speaking very loudly and somewhat frustrated at me…”WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?” Bammo! And I said right out loud, “well that’s a good question, what am I looking for?” 


Obviously the universe was confused and needed some clarification from me about what to bring into my experience. Can you imagine all the mixed messages it gets all the time from us? “Oh I would love to own that car” = universe lines it up, and then we think “Probably can’t afford it though” = universe holds it away, then “It would be so fun to drive,” = lining up“But imagine how much the fuel would cost” = holding awayI feel like if the universe had an attitude, it would be saying to us all the time “Make up your freaking mind!!”  Luckily for us, it simply answers with no judgement, always responding to our most dominant vibration. 


Have you checked-in with your dominant vibration lately? What are you putting out there, and is it what you want to bring in? So here is just a gentle reminder that there is a force out there much greater than all of us, yet within us all the same, that is always listening and answering to whatever it is we are asking. Let us make a conscious effort to be a little less confusing to the universe, making its job slightly easier, and allowing ourselves to consistently want what we want! 


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