What Does it Mean to “Go with the Flow” ?

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Everything you want is Downstream




You hear this phrase tossed around so much as the answer to a challenge; just go with the flow – I say it all the time to people, thinking that they automatically know what I am referring to, but maybe they don’t? I do feel like these simple words get tossed around a lot in the coaching world, but rarely do we stop to think about the depth of meaning behind the phrase, and the immense value of applying the simple step. So lets talk about what it actually means to Go with the Flow.


Just the word flow to me makes me think of something moving and because so much of my foundational Law of Attraction knowledge comes from the Abraham-Hicks teachings, I love using their analogy of the stream:


So you have this stream, and the current of the stream represents the natural flow of life energy, sometimes getting fast, sometimes slowing down, but always moving forwards or downstream with expansion. Now you are born into this physical world, into interaction with the natural flow of life, using our analogy, you are putting your boat into the stream. As a baby you easily and effortlessly float downstream, happy as can be “going with the flow” … because well you haven’t learned what else to do yet.  Soon though,  you start thinking for yourself, and our thoughts represent the oars of the boat in the water. As a baby, we only know good unconditional love and have positive thoughts floating downstream. As we spend more time in this physical world, we learn to talk and learn what is “good” and what is bad. We learn that if we do something that someone else defines as good, we receive more love. We are told what we “should” be doing, how we should be acting to fit in (once again defined by what others believe is right). So now all of a sudden if we are not receiving positive feedback from the outside world, ie. pleasing others, we feel and introduce negative emotion otherwise known as “resistance” into our world. Resistance in the stream is like turning our boat upstream and paddling against the current or natural flow of life.


Taking an exert from the Abraham-Hicks material: The most common misunderstanding that prevents people from getting control of a situation and gaining their personal balance is the belief that I need to get to where I want to be right now or as quickly as possible. We certainly understand your desire to find the answers to your questions quickly or to solve your problems as fast as you can, but still, that urge works against you. When you feel an urgency to be somewhere else, you are pushing hard against where you are. That is upstream. But an even more important flaw in the premise you are beginning from is this: In your belief that you must hurry to an improved place, you are discounting the power of the Stream, its speed, its direction, and its promise. And in the forgetting of those things, you are definitely pointed in the opposite direction of who-you- truly-are and all that you have become.

The Huka Falls, New Zealand
The Huka Falls, New Zealand

So we basically have either “upstream” or downstream” thoughts. Thoughts that either go with the flow or go against the flow. You guys will be able to use this analogy to asses what you are thinking and if it is going to serve you, getting where you want to be. For example, if you are looking for a new job, not getting any response, and think “maybe I will never get a good job” – that clearly doesn’t feel good, meaning it is an upstream thought. If we can notice this right away, we can decide to find something more downstream, a thought that feels just a little better: “Well I’ve only been looking for 1 week, it hasn’t been very long.”…Downstream…going with the flow. Can’t you just feel the relief you would experience if you had been paddling against the current in an upstream direction and then suddenly just stopped paddling and let the current take you? And remember this stream IS universal intelligence and is actually taking us towards the things we want, to the fulfillment of all of our desires. If we can consistently choose downstream thoughts…we will float down the stream merrily merrily merrily…life is bout a dream.

So going with flow, is simply and powerfully the releasing of resistance, or releasing of any thoughts that don’t feel good, and easily turing your boat downstream and going with the natural current. Using the analogy of the stream, when we are wanting something, all we need to do is let go of the oars….and turn and go with the natural current …or “Go with the Flow Baby.”

Judith / June 13, 2020

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