Liz Testimony

“Ginny Gane helped me by giving me clear steps on what to do clean up my vibration and begin to focus on what on what I really wanted. The result was a HUGE promotion and a significant salary increase. It was AWESOME. Overall, I found the experience to be invaluable and a terrific investment in myself.”

– Liz

Work With Me

You’re here right now because you’re an ambitious dreamer. You already know the basics to the Law of Attraction and now you’re looking to supercharge your results. Maybe you’re looking for more fulfillment or passion in your life or to make those dreams that have been sitting on your bucket list finally come true! Maybe you’re looking for someone to help spot where you are going off track with the Law of Attraction. Maybe you’re a typical visionary, and you need help clarifying and focusing on what’s truly most important to get to your results faster.

Hi. I’m Ginny Gane. I’ve truly created my dream life through learning to leverage the Law of Attraction. My coaching clients range from new Law of Attraction seekers who want to release the struggle and uplevel their life, to experienced deliberate creators ready to manifest the Big Stuff.

My philosophy on Manifesting is pretty simple…

It’s not what you know in you head, it’s how you apply what you know in your life, and how you actually live your life. Every struggle you have, has a perfect solution, and the answer is available within you – you just don’t know how to find it. And I do.

Why manifestors hire me…

  • I help you get real manifesting results.
  • I can identify the most powerful point of focus for you.
  • I’m always striving for 10X the value.
  • I’ll train you how to hear your own intuition
  • I can also rock a personal positive rampage for you
  • I’m all about ease. More ease = More alignment = More joy, freedom and success!
  • Solid accountability.
  • I make LOA concepts easy to understand
  • I can see the blocks keeping you stuck and help you find a new perspective
  • I help you train and re-wire your brain for success in anything

I offer the best mix of 1) the perfect LOA based resources to solve your current challenge, 2) specific strategy to shift your vibration and get you to your end result faster and 3) authentic accountability for devoted manifestors.

There are two powerful ways to work with me

step 1The first is through LOA Skills Camp, where we meet weekly as a group for 8 weeks as I move you through my 5 step system and you learn to directly apply the Law of Attraction in your life and manifest what you really want – for more information and to apply, visit

step 2The second is through personal coaching, where we meet weekly for a minimum of 10 weeks and I guide you through 3 phases to completely shift your vibration and transform your life experience. Private 1:1 coaching is reserved on a limited basis and I almost always have a waiting list, but that being said…

We might be a perfect match if…

  • You have a desire to live a powerful and authentic life and feel in control of what you are creating for your future
  • You’re looking to solve the practical piece, and to know you are on the right path so you aren’t worrying constantly about if you are doing the right things to make all your dreams a success (like spending more time with your kids or traveling the world)
  • You want to know how you can play bigger and serve in a more powerful way
  • You want to understand how the Law of Attraction actually works in YOUR life
  • You want help honing in on your LOA skills and seeing the evidence of it
  • You want to manifest more of everything in your life and with ease…
  • There is a spiritual side to you and want to know how that fits into the LOA world
  • You want to reach your potential and there is something within you that feels like it want’s to be expressed, something more for you
  • You want to create outrageous success in your life, on your terms.
  • You want to be an LOA Rockstar!
  • Honestly–you’re just ready for a wildly fulfilling life!

Who this is not for

While I offer different programs, my Private 1:1 coaching isn’t designed for people just wanting a little bit of change in their life, like manifesting a new car or vacation. If you’re looking to simply amp-up your LOA manifesting practice, I recommend checking out The Champion Mindset: Access Your Power to Create Leveraging The Law of Attraction, my best-selling book on the process and skills I learned after 10 years of manifesting successes.

You might also check out my Manifest It Now Podcast – there’s no other Law of Attraction Podcast like it on the planet. My co-host Cassie Parks and I cover every possible manifesting question you will ever have and make it feel like you are hanging out with your best girlfriends. This is THE perfect Manifestors-In-Training Learning Place.

How We Work Together

I like to keep it super simple.

First, we need to personally connect. If you resonate with what you’ve read so far lets jump on the phone together. (Look for the ‘Start’ button below).

Once we talk, and I understand more about you + your desires, and assuming we want to team up to create your abundantly free and fun lifestyle, we’ll decide together on our weekly time to connect and we’re off!

Your Next Steps

If you’re an ambitious individual ready to go to the next level and create freedom and success in your life + on your terms, let’s chat. Click ‘Start’ below and fill out the form, I will schedule a private call and we’ll have a fun and powerful conversation.

With lots of fun love!

Yours, Ginny Gane

Live Your Truth Coaching

Your really CAN be do or have anything you desire – I can’t wait to connect with you


Determined to crack the LOA code, listen to what Anne Marie has to say about working with Ginny Gane…

Ashley Testimony

“Working with Ginny Gane changed my life. I was a struggling artist and I knew about the Law of Attraction. I’d read it. I studied it. I was able to manifest some things, but I wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be. Working with Ginny led me to be able to get my own studio space, land a high profile gig in NYC, which lead to being represented by a gallery (dream come true), and make more money from my art than I ever have in my life! Because of our work together, I’m able to live my dream of being a fabulous abundant traveling artist and I can’t thank her enough!”

– Ashley V.

Katie Testimony

“One of the best investments I’ve made is working with Ginny Gane. Under her guidance I am joyfully building a business I love…without the hard work or struggle. I would recommend working with Ginny to anyone who feels they were meant to live a life in alignment with their true purpose – but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Ginny will lovingly guide you right there.”

– Katie H.