You CAN Have What You Want

There is something really important that I want to tell you today. That thing you are desiring for yourself, you can have it! You can achieve it! You can feel it! Whatever IT is, sitting in the back of your mind right now, that thing that you want but part of you is scared to admit you want it… I’m telling you, you CAN have it.
“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – Paulo Coelho
The Law of Attraction teaches us that the mere fact you have the desire within you is enough evidence that it IS possible for you. The universe only inspires an idea within you that has the possibility to exist in this reality. The divinely inspired idea comes up within you and then it is up to you to allow the momentum to build, to stay in the place of allowing in order for that desire to manifest. Remain in that place of allowing by choosing thoughts that ONLY support what it is you want. The thoughts of doubt that you have about whatever it is. Just stop. You can choose right now to believe in yourself and believe in what you want. I am not saying it will happen for you tomorrow, but when you consciously make the choices to support your own wants and desires, the universe will move mountains to make it happen. Make the decision. You must be the one to believe in yourself and your dreams first. Go and Light your own damn fire! You’ve got this!
So that thing…yeah, you can have it.

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